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Old 02-10-2009, 01:18 PM
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Default Staten Island Voter Education Campaign - Focuses On Waterfront Issues

Staten Island Voter Education Campaign
Focuses On Waterfront Issues

City Council Candidates To Voice Their Views At Feb. 10th Forum

NEW YORK – Staten Islanders have long lamented the fact that they live on an island but have very limited access to the waterfront. A new voter education campaign is working to change that, by ensuring that the next City Council member from the 49th District understands water issues and has a plan to tackle them.

The New York League of Conservation Voters Education Fund and the Natural Resources Protective Association are teaming up for this nonpartisan effort, which will raise the profile of waterfront access and water quality issues in the City Council special election that will take place on Feb. 24. The campaign is reaching more than 17,000 voters with live and automated phone calls, a mailer, fliers and a new Web site.

Residents can also voice their concerns and hear from the candidates at a Candidate Forum, which will take place at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 10 at Wagner College, Spiro Hall Room Two, 631 Howard Ave. The forum is sponsored by Wagner College, NYLCVEF and NRPA.

“Our local elected officials must show decisive leadership on water issues, which are paramount on Staten Island,” said Kerry Sullivan, executive director of the Natural Resources Protective Association. “What we urgently need is a Council member who will be a vocal and effective advocate for increasing waterfront access and cleaning up our waterways.”

“City Council members have the power to make New York a more sustainable city,” said Marcia Bystryn, NYLCVEF’s president. “Our goal is to heighten awareness of their responsibilities and connect voters to the individuals hoping to represent them.”

For more information about the Staten Island campaign or forum, please contact Dan Hendrick at (212) 361-6350, ext. 206, or visit
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Old 02-10-2009, 01:31 PM
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Default Re: Staten Island Voter Education Campaign - Focuses On Waterfront Issues

What is the current quality of the water in and around New York
Although NYC’s water quality has improved over the past few decades,
we still do not comply with Federal Clean Water Act standards due primarily
to the discharge of sewage into our waterways when our combined
sewer infrastructure is overwhelmed with storm water.

The unclean facts:
27 billion gallons of combined sewage overflow (CSO) enter the City’s waterways each year. As little as 0.1”/hour of rain can cause overflow. 450 CSO outlets exist around the City. 52% of NYC tributaries do not meet standards for recreational use.

Why does PlaNYC focus on tributaries?
Actually, PlaNYC will lead to improvements in both larger water bodies
and the smaller tributaries. NYC’s large bodies of water, like the Hudson
River, the East River, etc., periodically do not meet recreational standards
due to sewage that flows into our waterways from Combined Sewer
Overflows events after rainy days. Many of our tributaries, however, are
never clean. Most have large amounts of sewage solids settled at the
bottom. In addition to CSO and excess nitrogen levels, some have high
toxic levels or contain industrial toxins or spills.
How will PlaNYC improve New York City’s water quality?
To improve our water quality of all of our waterways, PlaNYC proposes:
Infrastructure solutions.
By law, the City must create a capital plan based
on hard infrastructure solutions to improve water quality.

Best Management Practices (BMPs).
Cost-effective and innovative methods
to mitigate storm water runoff, often called Best Management Practices

(BMPs), will be tested and eventually implemented on a larger scale.

How will PlaNYC BMPs be used on a broader scale?
New York City cannot rely solely on centralized infrastructure upgrades
to improve the quality of our waterways. The city must pursue a range of
proven and emerging strategies to keep storm water from entering our
combined sewer system at all. These include natural strategies, such as
planting trees and green roofs, to retain, detain or cleanse the water.
PlaNYC proposes:
• Increasing use of High Level Storm Sewers (HLSS), which are designed
to capture 50 percent of rainfall before it enters our pipes, and divert it
directly into the waterways;
• Implementing PlaNYC’s open space plan, including planting street trees
and landscaping public plazas;
• Expanding the Bluebelt program, which is designed to use streams,
ponds, and wetland areas to convey, treat, and detain storm water
before its release into the harbor;
• Forming an interagency BMP task force to implement BMPs citywide
through revised construction specifications, better building practices,
and new regulations and incentives;
• Piloting promising BMPs including vegetated ditches along highways,
new tree pit designs, and reintroduction of mollusks to filter and
clean water;
• Requiring trees and landscaping for commercial and community
parking lots;
• Providing incentives for green roof installations; and
• Protecting wetlands by evaluating current protections and creating a
wetland policy.

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Old 02-10-2009, 01:36 PM
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Default Re: Staten Island Voter Education Campaign - Focuses On Waterfront Issues

Send this to your relatives in staten island

Staten island Deserves a better waterfront - sign the petition

Waterfront Petition
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Old 02-10-2009, 08:47 PM
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Default Re: Staten Island Voter Education Campaign - Focuses On Waterfront Issues

optomistic about SOME improvements but, the boro presidents office has done some really good things over the past several years for conservation (yea housing skyrocketed) but overall, the greenbelt/bluebelt issues were high on thier radar and saw some improvements there firsthand. this could be a double-edged sword for the fishing community as some of the complaints to acces would be (scary individuals fishing where i wanna walk) (garbage on the beaches from fishermen -a legitimate complaint and "if i had my way" i would have the bait shops charge 1.00 for a plastic bag or bring your own "paper bag or cooler for your bait) see how fast people bring a cooler or paper bag (or have the baitshop use paper or an extra large "chinese food container made of paper" the plastic bag situation has got to go!

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Old 02-13-2009, 12:10 AM
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Default Re: Staten Island Voter Education Campaign - Focuses On Waterfront Issues

Candidates' forum focuses on waterfront

by Staten Island Advance Thursday February 12, 2009,

GRYMES HILL Voters in the 49th City Council District are likely to envision a clean, welcoming, utilized waterfront as the key to the North Shore's future.
"Jobs, property values, and quality-of-life issues throughout the North Shore," said Kerry Sullivan of the borough's Natural Resources Protective Association (NRPA), all are tied to the future of its coastline.
North Shore residents have for generations imagined amenities in place of the empty warehouses and fenced lots that line the waterfront.
Along with the New York League of Conservation Voters Education Fund and Wagner College, the NRPA presented a candidates' forum on Tuesday night that drew 70 people and focused on the area's water quality and waterfront access challenges.
Sullivan and the League of Conservation Voters' Ken Fisher moderated the forum in Spiro Hall on Wagner's Grymes Hill campus.
Five candidates presented their views:
* Paul Saryian, a retired NYPD captain, highlighted the need for added recreational activities along the North Shore. He supports constructing wind and solar energy plants, adding bike paths and creating a light-rail line with service from St. George to Port Ivory.
* Debi Rose, a Community Board 1 member who runs the Liberty Partnership drop-out prevention program at the College of Staten Island, sees Baltimore Harbor as a blueprint for the North Shore. The Stapleton home port could be a site for a new K-12 school to relieve overcrowding, she said.
* Donald Pagano of the District 31 Community Education Council envisions an esplanade replete with eateries and a fine waterfront restaurant, a low-rise hotel and other amenities to draw tourists.
* Ken Mitchell, who was chief of staff to the outgoing councilman, now Congressman Michael McMahon, promised to focus on waterfront development if elected. Like Ms. Rose, he pointed to the potential of the Blissenbach site in West Brighton and the need for a new school to relieve overcrowding. He also pointed to the need for a "viable entity" to run the Lighthouse Museum.
* The Rev. Dr. Tony Baker, pastor of St. Philip's Church in Port Richmond, pledged he would have the political will to demand funding from City Hall, would fight for frequent ferry service, and would advocate for homeowners affected by Army Corps of Engineers blasting.
"I see Staten Island as something beautiful for (my children), but they're always leaving," said Rev. Baker. "I want young people here to have a place to go. I promise to work for a Staten Island we all can enjoy."
Potential candidate John Tabacco, who said he was tied up fighting the challenge to his candidacy, left the forum before it began. He said by phone yesterday that he would look for private investors who appreciated the value of the North Shore.

PS - They are all full of it.
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