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Record Striped bass Record striped bass and the stories and other information

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Old 04-12-2009, 12:45 AM
apito apito is offline
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Default Re: 2008 The Year of the 70 pounder

I've seen the all-tackle record, caught from shore in '82 in Cape Cod waters. I'd say eighty pounds, taken by a long-time partner. After bringing her around she was released. This during a week of nights with only large fish....apito
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Old 04-12-2009, 11:36 AM
GunnySniper GunnySniper is offline
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Default Re: 2008 The Year of the 70 pounder

During an incredible few mornings of fishing early in the first half of the season last year, fishing in a place the a few of us call, "Cow Town", I met the big lady.
I caught and released several personal best's during that time frame.
After releasing 2 smaller cows, she took me on, and beat me like I was a French Infantryman.
The power of that fish was absolutely incredible.
I watched her come up behind the plug several times before commiting.
When she did, and turned to go out after the hook set, nothing and I mean nothing was going to slow her down.
My reel has 30 lbs of drag, it was cranked as she made the run, and didn't phase her 1 bit.
She made a turn at the outside of a reef and the power pro chafed the rock, that was the end of the story.
I will be back to that hole this year, a little bit better prepared, hoping to meet her again.
Now more than ever, I believe she will be put back to fight and or spawn again,

but then again..........................................
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Old 04-12-2009, 10:24 PM
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Default Re: 2008 The Year of the 70 pounder

who the f#@# are you kiddin? lol. everyone wants that fish. and even if i say i would dump her, if it were the bitch, i would have to take the spoils it offers. i fished way too long to pass that up. i have to be honest about it. sure i would know, and that is fine. but i'm gettin old and broken down and this brokester could use some help. there, i said it. what a load off my arse. i've let too many fish go not to keep THE ONE. i would however set it off if i were the least bit unsure of that. but i won't be the one to get her so my statement is all for naught and am exposed as the self-serving egomaniac i am. sorry i came up short on the almost human scale hombre'

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Old 04-13-2009, 01:48 PM
Striperjim's Avatar
Striperjim Striperjim is offline
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Default Re: 2008 The Year of the 70 pounder

I would think an old girl that size isnt going to live much longer anyway, however they have been reported over 100 pounds. The Md Dnr had one at 96 pounds.
I'm certain I would weigh in my first 50 for sure. I'd like to think Im cool with letting her slide back in the water but I'd definately want to show it off. Who knows? - When I beach one i'll let you know. lol
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Old 04-19-2009, 06:46 PM
flyrus flyrus is offline
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Default Re: 2008 The Year of the 70 pounder

Wow I wonder is each fish species different is each fish, or day different… that’s hard to say, I think that large fish come mostly to the ones who fished the most, or the lucky ones. Having been on both sides of that fence I think the moment… may be the deciding factor to keep or free the fish. I used to have the striper fever anyone having it, or has it knows what I am talking about (eat sleep fish) it’s not so bad any longer now it just hits on certain occasions. That being said I have never been faced with the prospect of taking a record striper, I have caught many over thirty pounds and a few over forty pounds. I caught a striper once that was to me so large, I thought I had two fish on the line. As the fish tired it came to the surface; as the fins broke the waters surface the distance between the fins at the middle of the fish and the tail end of the fish appeared to be too great to be just one fish. Wow when that fish came alongside the canoe my wife and I looked at each other in amazement. My wife said that is the biggest striper I have seen in person. People having witnessed the battle from shore and pier shouted; wanting to see the fish. After showing off the fish to everyone the wife said we need to mount this fish it’s huge. I said she is about as old as we are how can I keep her. My wife’s response was you will never catch a fish that large again. To this day she has been right, I have to this day not caught a striper over sixty one inches long. That same year we caught a Tiger Musky that measured forty two inches long and it hangs over our humble fire place…this fish is a hybrid sterile and interfering with the natural spawn of smaller male Northern Pike for breading privileges. My wife and I have had the great fortune of catching many large fish, and pictures or not who knows what the right decision is eat it keep it or let it go. For me I have only one fish hanging on the wall and that one fish has been the start of many a conversation.
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Old 04-19-2009, 06:47 PM
flyrus flyrus is offline
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Default Re: 2008 The Year of the 70 pounder

Let the breaders free.
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Old 04-20-2009, 01:27 PM
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will work for stripers
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Default Re: 2008 The Year of the 70 pounder

Originally Posted by BACKBAYJ View Post
A fish that big had a good long life and all good things eventually come to an end. That fish would be on my wall. And if I found a million dollars I would keep that too.
im with you jay...ide mount the damn thing and hang it on my wall.
and so wouldnt most everyone here...regardless of what they say.
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