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Old 04-26-2009, 08:55 PM
Oily Maroo Oily Maroo is offline
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Default Re: The three knots a beginner should know.

alright, I need to know what i did wrong with the albright knot, connecting 50lb powerpro braid and 60 mono shock leader, used the albright knot, put four to five wraps on the the reel, and I'm solely blaming the albright for birdcage'n my reel after three casts. what do you guys do with the dead end/irish pendant, was i supposed to cover it with some sort cement, cause i fished the same line/reel, all summer last season with out a shock leader (didnt catch a fish all season, but thats a topic for another thread) with no problems. another question is, do i even need to use a mono shock leader, or 3'-5' mono leader. the reason i tried this is because i read braid is water resistant and mono isnt, or the other way around, i dont know. some post here told me its good practice. (im willing to try anything, aside from dynamite) last season i just terminated braid to a swivel, with a short leader,(the ones pretied with hooks) when chunk soaking. and then terminated braid right to the plug when...plugging. but regardless, saturday night was spent cussing, until i figured the reel was to far gone, went back to the car and grabbed the spare.
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Old 04-27-2009, 10:55 PM
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Default Re: The three knots a beginner should know.

Keep it very simple.

No need for a shock leader unless your throwing heavy lead. You can put a 80 pound or so swivel in line with a palomar knot and tie an improved clinch to a pre tied leader. You dont want your rod tip exploding with a swivel through it.

So practice learning the lower profile knots that will pass through the top guides. Like a slim beauty or modified albright (albertos knot)

My mono to braid is simple.
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Old 06-18-2009, 07:58 AM
jcv jcv is offline
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Default Re: The three knots a beginner should know.

I have a question:

I've been buying snelled hooks which only have around 12" of really heavy mono on them with a loop end - which I've been attaching to my line with a snap swivel.I thought I should learn to snell my own and start using longer, lighter leaders and barrel swivels.

I bought a bunch of hooks - some circles in different sizes and some worm hooks for sluggos. None of these have a turned down eye, is that essential for a proper snell? Also, would it be a good idea to seal the knot with some super glue like when tying flies?
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Old 06-18-2009, 12:24 PM
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Default Re: The three knots a beginner should know.

Just the other day(week or 2 ago) I had lined up my old Abu 6600c with 300 yds 30lb power pro and around 40 yrds 30lb. Big Game(backing). I had tried most of the knots but did not care for them as they tend to hang up on eys or reel.
I then found a knot called the Sebile knot which is a modified knot tied by Japanese fisherman. This knot is tight with no slip and reminds me of chinese handcuff and maybe smaller.
This is a link to a video, I hope it is OK posting this link.
(edited moderator :: sorry no links to competitor boards)

It took me a couple of tries to get it right, actually I had it right the first time but did not realize it. The nice thing is if tying to a long leader or such this thing just sails through the eyelets with no grabbing. Try it out it has worked for me on a couple wipers the other day. I also used on some wire to test and landed a 42" tiger muskie this knot is awesome
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Old 06-18-2009, 11:04 PM
dirty_d dirty_d is offline
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Default Re: The three knots a beginner should know.

that sebile knot is the same as an FG knot i think just with a differnet tying method, and maybe a mid knot too, its not too hard to do but it takes some time to get right. this is the video that helped me get it right, . hopefully i dont have the problem of the braid getting caught up in the guides anymore.
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Old 06-19-2009, 12:28 AM
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Default Re: The three knots a beginner should know.

Thanks for the video dirtyd. That I also think is the same as Sebile had seen the knot while in Japan then tried to copy it when he got back to the US. Like said takes a few times to get right but well worth it
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