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Old 03-26-2009, 09:34 PM
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Default Braided line explanation

BRAID is made from UV resistant, high tenacity Dacron (so strong it's used for belting auto tires), premium Nylon, denier Spectra fibers and a variety of materials specifically chosen for traits that make them the best for each application.
Raw fibers are loaded on to "bobbins" then installed four to sixteen at a time on Precision Braiders. Each braider is set to the ideal speed. these braiders are run slowly in order to lay down and lock in the fibers.
Critical to successful braiding is maintaining the optimum number of "picks" per inch (ppi). The term pick describes where one fiber crosses another in the braiding process. Too many picks and the line will break easily on impact, too few and the braid becomes loose, stretchy and weak. in some cases the line you cast will break off. if the braid is heated to a certain degree and stays baking at that temp like in the attic or car or garage, the braid breaks down as it is heat tempered to begin with so when you reverse the process (to a degree) it causes what "in the manuracturing business is called CREEP. Which is when the molecular structure becomes weak and is not able to withstand the strength and stress it was designed" Each type of line, each material and each individual application that the line is to be used for will require an appropriate number of picks per inch to perform correctly.
The proper material, the number of strands, the correct tension and the number of picks per inch must be calculated for each type of braid. The ideal balance of properties makes the perfect braid. This translates into better performance and greatly reduced break-offs on the cast.
After being constructed the raw braid is taken from the braiders and put into skeins or spooled on mill spools. Selected braid is then thermal set for controlled elongation, locking in the optimum amount of stretch for the material and its final use.
Individual types of braid are specially treated with environmentally responsible proprietary coatings and dyes. Some are waterproofed to shed water, reducing line weight and helping to keep hands dry in cold weather. Anti-rot agents and other specialized treatments are applied at this time to achieve the desired results.
Colored lines are treated in a high pressure dying bath. Pressure in the bath opens the tiny pours in the braid allowing the colored material to flow deep inside creating finishes that are color fast and bright. i hope this was interesting. the way to keep your braid from getting old fast and getting weak is to keep it in room temperature when storing it. ideally, you should take it off the spool onto another while running it under water to clean it. at 30 bucks a spool you should at least get 2 or 3 seasons out of it. nicks and abrasions are not totally gonna make it fail right away as the outer coating can be frayed and still hold 75% trensile strength. this is clearly an individual decision but i have had those nights where i knew it was a bit shabby but still worked flawlessly as i use 65# braid for the spring bait season and go down to 30 or 40 (depending on the brand and line diameter) this is trial and error and not advisable but with power pro i have learned how it responds and how it fails. this is not a pissing contest so keep your comments about brands to yourself. it is just a post to allow people who don't know what braid really is comprised of to see for themselves.

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