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Old 07-16-2008, 12:33 PM
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Default Re: Fishing "Spots"

I started this post over 3 years ago, and to this day, with all the banter and input, some people just dont get it( this is not meant to insult ANYONE, bear with me)...I guess I will never get used to the internet and the instant gratification scociety....I guess I am truely getting old.

First a history lesson:
When I started fishing the Merrimack river in the late sixty's and early 70's the place was a virtual sewer.... EVERY cast required that you clean the toilet paper off of the line by snapping it clean,it was not at all uncommon to have condoms hanging off your jigs and plugs, the shore line was littered with industrial and residential trash and waste, shopping carts, cars and logs, lost during upstream logging were lodged on the bottom or blocking the paths along the shore line, large chunks of wool floated down the waterway, the water color varied from blues to reds, depending on which die vat was getting emptied, so pardon me if I dont get a little weepy when some one has to deal with a little path side trash, I've seen the current state, it's pristine compared to what it was, waders or boots had to be scrubbed with bleach to make them fit to bring in to the house to remove the stench... there were no parks or access roads, parking was limited to mill employees and you walked or biked everywhere.... the Men doing the catching were tight lipped, hell they wouldnt even tell you what bait or lure they were using.. respect and trust was earned , not handed out over the internet for thousands to view...

I've never really printed the agony I endured from time to time during the learning process, the nights lost in back water creeks with my face and hands so swollen from bug bites that my vision was blurred,while I waited for day light and enough tide to float me off my grounding.... the "tips" given me from others were given only to derail me because I was close to figuring out what was going on...there were not alot of fish around back then , and every one over 16" was boxed, iced. and sent to market.. money was the incentive for those that were silent,catch and release was non existant...

I've never mentioned the broken arm I sustained from a fall from the jetty and the two mile walk back to my vehicle ...or the baptisim of a rouge wave that knocked me off my perch while I bent over to land a fish...the fish and I rejoined the battle in 6' of surging water... the fish won out.

I dont recall mentioning, how my fishing partner and I used to pack our bikes on Friday,and bike( before we could drive) to plum island( 30+ miles each way) Friday night and leave sunday afternoon, digging worms to sell and use for bait for schoolies which were also sold so we could buy a sandwich at the local sub shop... if the fishing was bad.. we went hungry until we arrived home...all this to learn more about the fish, that I have revolved my life around.

I've never mentioned the TWO boats I sunk while learning to navigate the mouth of the river or fish the beach front, I'm lucky to be here, all because NO ONE shared even one tid bit of info that would have made my life eaiser, there were many, many more hard lessons and ofthe most memorable being the mistake of showing someone at the marina 5 nice bass caught on a mudd flat after a week of babysitting fish that wouldnt eat, I was so happy and proud, I made the mistake of shareing this info with someone anxious to boost his own reputation.. he ran down to the local baitshop and made a public anouncement.... the next night, there were 14 boats in the exact location I was fishing, people running over the fish spooking them,I had a guy run over a fish that had about 30yards of line out, I tried to warn him off, all i got for my effort was a glimps of his middle finger as my line went limp, I never got a fish that night and I went home in disgust, lesson learned...when more than one persons has info,it's not a secret any longer....alot of time and effort goes into finding a place to fish alone, once the word gets out.. your not alone for long.

Beatings and skunkings are part of the process, every sucessful bass fisherman has gone through it, the best ones, use it to their advantage.. so pardon the lecture and nostalgic look at my past....but if you want to know why myself and other long time vetrans get feisty when asked where, or when I/they got a fish or where they are fishing, just think about some of this stuff, I did this for over 10 years before I got into fish consistanly....40 odd years latter, I'm still learning.. the beatings are just far less frequent.

this post was not intended to target any indivuidual, or belittle any "newbies" efforts, I wouldnt want to start over again, I dont think I would have the fortitude to do it all again, maybe that is why I do take certain individuals under my wing, but they must earn my trust and respect first, this is only an account of one mans quest to be as good at this damanding sport as he could be and to help keep you from getting discouaraged when it seems like the "vets" are dumping on you, and I am not alone, those of us that have salt water in our veins, have earned the right to be a tad arrogant when it comes to sharing information, none of it came easy, as things are not coming easy for you, and some day, if you dont give up, you learn your lessons and file away the tiny tidbits of valuable info, you will be the keeper of the gate after we are gone... then.. and only then will it all make sense.
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Old 07-16-2008, 01:48 PM
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Default Re: Fishing "Spots"

good post roc...i know personally that those words you speak/type are true. i have been on both sides of the coin... as one learns things the hard way, he understands his past mistakes and learns how to safeguard sacred ground.
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Old 07-16-2008, 07:54 PM
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Default Re: Fishing "Spots"

ROC Like i said in the PM.. GREAT POST.
"My biggest worry is that my wife (when I'm dead) will sell my fishing gear for what I said I paid for it."
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Old 07-16-2008, 09:14 PM
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Default Re: Fishing "Spots"

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Old 07-17-2008, 04:43 PM
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Default Re: Fishing "Spots"

I feel the need to respond to this thread as I basically started fishing 2 years ago and from day one was on this board. I will admit I did not understand why people would not just give a spot out to those who were looking where to go. It even aggravated me a bit. Now 2.5 years later I totally understand .

I have been on beaches where you blink and there are 30 other people there and the fishing is no fun due to it, so you go home because that is easier than confronting them and going to Jail. (seriously). I have been on a boat when you motor to a favorite place where there are 15 other boats now and as percentages are what they are, half of them end up being A-holes resulting in what Roc says in his post (lines run over, fish spooked, swamping boats with wake).

I am light years ahead of where I would be if folks like Roc, Gunny (Thanks Man) and Striperjim hadn't helped along the way with advice both privately and on this forum. I pride myself by continuing to learn what to look for with regards to structure, wind, tides, weather, etc to find a good spot. And I can get myself away from the crowds with close friends. I will take less fish to be with less people around but have found the opposite is true, less fishing pressure usually means better fishing. I still know very little as far as I am concerned but I have learned enough that I have caught fish big enough to know stripers are more fun to catch than bluefish.

When you get to know the people on this board you will know that people here genuinely want to help. And the best thing possible to help any newbie is to teach them how to find their own spots not just send them to one. Many of the veterans here will give you a well known spot that most from their area would know about and may often be crowded (These are the ones you would get at the bait shop as well, not their personal honey holes) if you PM them, but when you get there don't just fish. Look to see WHY it is a spot that can hold fish and apply that to looking for new ones on your own.

Many people get into striper fishing for many differen reasons. But I can assure you that one of them is not to stand shoulder to shoulder with 50 people in a line crossing lines, swearing and trying to communicate in 15 different languages. And that is what spot burning often turns fishing into.

Carry on.
No matter what Gunny says, there are no fish in RI.
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Old 07-17-2008, 07:37 PM
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Default Re: Fishing "Spots"

Earlier today I posted a comment in the tackle section after asking on surf rods. I had noticed the term "googan" or "goog" And the inference I drew from it was an inexperienced fisherman worthy of only ridicule. My mistake! NOW I understand after reading these threads. I fish a lot of freshwater. The pond I fish a lot is abused by morons daily, I always bring a bag and start picking up the empty worm containers, beer bottles, lure packages and one day over two hundred cigarette butts ( thank God for hand sanitizer) Every time I go there I clean up the messes. The 70 year old who got me into pike fishing has a favorite spot, When he comes and I see his car pull in I always move down and give him his due. To me that is the right thing to do. I never crowd an area where someone has it staked out first. I can not stand the asswhipe that shows up, sees you with a fish on and sets up housekeeping so close that we should have a prenuptual agreement. It's not just ignorent, it's disrespectful. I used to fish the Canal during the mackerel run, built all of my own rigs, I headed out one morning, walked the breaker to the east end. Only one there. Then people started showing up. Next thing I know, I have a bunch of retarded (won't mention there immigration status) a******s standing on the top of the rocks casting over my freakin head, I'm getting slaped in the face by fish being hauled over top of me since I'm on the lowest rocks. I lost ALL of my rigs because these morons tangled me up on every cast. I left and started the 1/2 mile walk back to the parking lot only to see their skanky a** girlfriends coming back from the lot carrying giant burlap bags, eating Kentucky fried as they walked and tossing the chicken bucket and wrappers into the ocean. When these a******s came back to the car with four huge bags of mackerel and filled the trunk so full that they couldn't even close the trunk lid an inch, all eight of them piled in the car, the weight of all of it so much that the rear end was catching sparks on every bump in the road. So I apologize for misinterpreting what was meant by "googs" these shitbags fit the definition. So Please accept my apology. I also have never had to do the secrecy thing on spots. Since I don't have any honeyholes. But I understand now from these threads why you protect what you do. I just hope one day that someone on these posts deems me worthy of trust. I don't steal, and I won't reveal.
I refuse to lie down and die! I think I'll try it standing up!

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Old 07-17-2008, 11:22 PM
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Default Re: Fishing "Spots"

I have spots i'll tell tourists that are local BIG spots that would never be concerned with spot burning.

I have spots that i'll take any friend too.

I have spots on shore and on the water i'll not even show my best fishing buddy.

I have a few marked areas with square bouys with DNR on them.
aka Do NOT remove.

But as far as what roccus is talking about, yes keeping a secrect is just for the better of everyone sometimes.
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Old 07-27-2008, 09:51 AM
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Default Re: Fishing "Spots"

I'll add a little to an already well covered subject, with a little history thrown in as well.
Like roc, I come from a sell'em all background. the old man and his partner had a well earned reputation for finding fish when no one else was landing a skate, never mind a Bass. I remember a period of time, when I was in my teens that Dad and Ed were weighing in a couple of hundred pounds every night, while the other locally based sharps were skunking out. The spot they were getting the fish were on a reef with a very deep cut between it and the shore, that you could fish from shore if you could access it. As they left Getty they would head in the opposite direction of the hole, up the bay. When they got to the north point of J'town they would stop and act like they were starting a drift. Watching for other boats that might be following. They would continue up to Prudence, and do the same thing. If they felt they were alone they would then head toward the honey hole. Not straight in however, they would stop at another well know Bass reef on the opposite shore of the actual location. Low and behold a couple of the guy's had come close to locating where they were fishing, and had actually set up in a Marina to ambush them as they headed to the fish. Acting like they didn't see them, the old man continued to go around the well know reef outside Newport and actually set up to fish there. The other 2 boats then appeared and started fishing right on top of them. an argument ensued, the old man fired up the twins and took off out of the hole acting like he was very upset. It was all a game however as he was happy to leave the other 4 guy's in 2 boats fishing a decoy. They then headed to the real spot, tucked in behind the reef under the cover of darkness and invisible to passing boats. They then commenced to landing another nights pay to the already decent week they had. The location they were fishing was not an unknown place, in fact all the other guy's had fished it at one time or another before. They were just too lazy, or unwilling to check it out. They had hoped to short cut the hunt by following someone who had done what was necessary to find the fish. dad and Ed knew when the fish would be there, and purposly left the dock 2 to 3 hours early in order to throw any followers off the trail on the way to the fish.
I have fished with many of the local guy's from this site, many have learned a few things about Stripers along the way, and I have made a few great friends as well. I've shown some locations that are crowded shoulder to shoulder during the day but virtualy vacant at night. If half those people only relized that they are sleeping when they should be fishing, well lets just say I'm happy they don't know.
There are many well known locations given in many print fishing reports that draw hundreds of people to the spot. If the place is giving up fish, and you don't know how and when to fish it, the report is worthless to you. These are the spots I really could care less when the Bait and Tackles send all the day fishers to. Then there is the few places I have that give up fish, day or night, that are still fairly pristine, access is difficult at best and damn near impossible for a few. No squid boxes or balls of discarded line, no empty beer cans, or dunkin donuts cups. I have shown some of the friends I've made here these places, without reservation, because they deserve to know and fish in these conditions. They deserve it because they have proven to me that they are Striper men, and I know they would return the favor to me given the chance. They have also put in the time and effort to learn what good water looks like and how to read it. They are also willing to give up a warm bed and a good nights sleep to chase Bass. Most of all I know they would not burn me even if they could.
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Old 07-27-2008, 02:18 PM
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Default Re: Fishing "Spots"

Awesome post Gunnery Sgt!
Think like a fish....
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Old 07-27-2008, 07:40 PM
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Default Re: Fishing "Spots"

here here Gunny. here here...
No matter what Gunny says, there are no fish in RI.
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Old 07-27-2008, 09:09 PM
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Default Re: Fishing "Spots"

Originally Posted by colad View Post

I am light years ahead of where I would be if folks like Roc, Gunny (Thanks Man) and Striperjim hadn't helped along the way with advice both privately and on this forum. I pride myself by continuing to learn what to look for with regards to structure, wind, tides, weather, etc to find a good spot. And I can get myself away from the crowds with close friends. I will take less fish to be with less people around but have found the opposite is true, less fishing pressure usually means better fishing. I still know very little as far as I am concerned but I have learned enough that I have caught fish big enough to know stripers are more fun to catch than bluefish.

When you get to know the people on this board you will know that people here genuinely want to help. And the best thing possible to help any newbie is to teach them how to find their own spots not just send them to one.
Never a more accurate statement. 100% correct.
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Old 07-31-2008, 01:24 AM
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Default Re: Fishing "Spots"

In monmouth county Nj we are now being screwed by towns denying access via parking restrictions because of a few idiots. I mostly fish the surf, and it's not that easy to move to another area if hundreds of people are fishing the rocks. What they don't get is that if fish are in, the productive area could range for miles, but people seem to key ij on wherew all the trucks are parked.

This spring has been some of the most hectic and crowded fishing I have seen in years. I only take select people to spots I have developed. Once a place gets too crowded, I lose interest. The saddest thing is that only a few people are making it bad for everyone. Most surfcasters are cool and respectful of peoples property.
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Old 08-03-2008, 07:17 PM
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Default Re: Fishing "Spots"

With most of all the above. ETHICS ARE WHAT WE DO WHEN NO ONE IS WATCHING. Tight lines to all. I enjoy this site, can.t wait for the rein to let up.
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Old 09-28-2008, 12:40 AM
donerite donerite is offline
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Default Re: Fishing "Spots"

I definitly agree with you I have a nice spot and I brought a buddy of mine with me and would you know he tells everybody and their brother about the spot.
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Old 09-29-2008, 03:36 PM
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Default Re: Fishing "Spots"

Gunny I am damn proud to be one of those you shared a spot with, also, Backbayj. Without the two of you I would have never ventured to RI (fish or not). I only have 2 weeks left in this part of the country. Hopefully we'll fish together again before I leave. If not It was very good meeting and fishing with you. I will cherish these momories. Best of luck with getting Stripers recognized as gamefish in RI and MA.

I know I'm not supposed do do this and I hope you don't take it as an insult but.....
The worst day of fishing is better than the best day at work.
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