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Old 03-18-2009, 12:55 PM
stripers247 stripers247 is offline
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Default Bill to Wipe-Out Striped Bass in CA!

Below is a shortened version of a bill that is gaining steam in CA legislature that will encourage anglers to basically fish out all of the striped bass in their waters. You can find the entire bill here

Here's just a few lines of the bill:

AB 1253, as introduced, Fuller. Striped bass.
Existing law regulating fishing imposes various restrictions on
the take, transport, and sale of specified fish, including striped
Existing law, until January 1, 2010, requires the funds generated
by the imposition of a Bay-Delta Sport Fishing Enhancement Stamp or
validation to be deposited in a separate account in the Fish and Game
Preservation Fund, to be used solely for the long term, sustainable
benefit of the primary Bay-Delta sport fisheries, as specified,
including the striped bass fishery.
This bill would prohibit a person from possessing, importing,
shipping, or transporting in the state, or placing, planting, or
causing to be placed or planted in any water within the state,
striped bass. The bill would subject any person who violates that
prohibition, or who resists, delays, obstructs, or interferes with
its implementation, to a civil penalty of not less than $500 and not
more than $10,000. The bill would require the Department of Fish and
Game to adopt regulations to carry out those provisions. The bill
would delete striped bass from various existing provisions
restricting the take, transport, and sale of specified fish. The bill
would delete the striped bass fishery from the fisheries for which
Bay-Delta Sport Fishing Enhancement Stamp revenues are to be used.
Vote: majority. Appropriation: no. Fiscal committee: yes.
State-mandated local program: no.


SECTION 1. (a) Fish of the genus Morone (striped bass) are a
harmful and highly invasive species that is not native to this state.

(b) Striped bass, including hybrid species commonly referred to as
sunshine bass, palmetto bass, wiper, Virginia bass, Maryland bass,
and paradise bass, are native to the eastern coast of the United
States, and are typically found from Florida to the St. Lawrence
Seaway. Striped bass were intentionally introduced to California in
1879 from the Navesink River in New Jersey.
(c) Striped bass are common in the San Francisco
Bay-Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, and are estimated to have a
population that has fluctuated from a low of 600,000 to a high of
(d) Striped bass are known to prey upon and consume a variety of
native fish species valued by the people of this state that are
protected under the state and federal endangered species acts,
including Sacramento River winter-run Chinook salmon, Central Valley
spring-run Chinook salmon, Central Valley steelhead, and delta smelt.

(e) The predation habits and diet of striped bass are contributing
to the decline and extirpation of native fish species populations
from the San Francisco Bay-Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta.
(f) In order to protect and preserve the existing populations of
native fish species that live in and migrate through the San
Francisco Bay and Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, it is the
intent of the Legislature to establish an effective program to
prevent additional striped bass from entering the state, to
discourage the promotion of the San Francisco Bay-Sacramento-San
Joaquin River Delta as a striped bass sport fishery, to immediately
end any existing program for the enhancement, expansion, or
improvement of striped bass populations and their habitat, and to
eliminate any and all legal restrictions regarding the size or number
of striped bass that may be taken, and the season or location in
which striped bass may be taken, pursuant to a valid California
fishing license.
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Old 03-20-2009, 11:39 AM
jon006's Avatar
jon006 jon006 is offline
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Default Re: Bill to Wipe-Out Striped Bass in CA!

Man they went from a low of 600,000 to 3,000,000 I sure wish we had that problem over here on the east coast....
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Old 03-21-2009, 01:40 AM
gregorjim gregorjim is offline
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Default Re: Bill to Wipe-Out Striped Bass in CA!

Jon....That figue is low..At one time the striper count was thought to be around 10-12 million bass throughout the San francisco delta.This didn't count all the bass that relocated up to Oregon & washington..The salmon counts were thought to be at 7 million & existed fine with the hungary stripers & other predator fish...What the real issue is the water wars.. All the delta water is going to southern California...Many years ago 13 businessman bought lopts 7 lots of cheap land because of no water there... And lo & behold these men got this wonderfull canal system taking our water down south..Increasing the land value...Maybe you remember the movie ""Chinstown" & all the illeagle crap that went on...,,They , the growers give $ for campaign funds & isn't it funny how they get more & More water.. They were growing heavy water crops as cottonetc...Now Our Gov Swartzneggar semmsin pocket with the desert developers...Land bought cheap, with a promise of Our water again..
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Old 03-21-2009, 02:03 AM
gregorjim gregorjim is offline
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Join Date: Jun 2008
Location: Millbrae, Cal
Posts: 238
Default Re: Bill to Wipe-Out Striped Bass in CA!

Frustrations part two.. Our guv said he was for the people & wouldn't accept money cause he didn't need it...that he was rich before the elections..Well I guess things change after you're in office a while Theywant more & bigger canals south..They keep the pumps up constantly even during the excapement time for salmon , bass etc..The river actually reverses & sucks the small fish down the canal...There is a abundance of stripers in all the holding resivoirs ..San Luis res has the record inland record...Sixty something pounds..Broken twice one month..Salmon can't make the trip ..they just die..Reports of small fish pumped into fields along with our water..Looks like theyget fish fertilizer / water... we try to get them to cut down during certain times to allow fish to go by the pumps...Only to find they had secret pumping times..Then they expect us ti treust them with larger pipes..Because of the ffighting back of the striper groups etc, this has caused Assemblly woman Fuller (R) to introduce this bill hoping that once the stripers are gone, so willnthe opposition to their water grabs..
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Old 03-21-2009, 02:31 AM
gregorjim gregorjim is offline
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Join Date: Jun 2008
Location: Millbrae, Cal
Posts: 238
Default Re: Bill to Wipe-Out Striped Bass in CA!

Sorry about the multi posts but the idiot box shuts down & I lose everything... Anyway Lets finish while I'm fuming... And guess what the Lovely lady who put the AB1253 bill for a vote is inter twined with the agri-growers..Imagine that?? what a co incidence..Maybe we're getting too close with our courts trying to taper down the pumping..So they say a good defense is to jump on our fishery with both feet...In this case it's AB1253..If
This nimwit did her study about how the fish got along fine before the canals went in.....BUT that wouldn't
help the water grab , would it..It's grand larceny big time & no one has to pay for it Way too many people in our state..some legal...Lots illeagle...People making money off them..Developers building in deserts & the water justs keeps coming...The fish are non existant..Salmon season closed for second year in a row..No stripers to talk about..Steel head on endangered list, smelt about gone... People down south didn't even know there was a water shortage years back , when we had ours in the north.. The fun goes on & on .. As I said on a local site...this was the final straw with this AB1253 bill..Me thinks they awaken the the giant,,Remember Pearl Harbor...Your friend on the west coast, Jim
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