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Old 05-10-2007, 11:48 AM
fandango fandango is offline
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Unhappy Trolling speed and depth

I have been looking at some of the postings about trolling stripers. I live in RI and fish just off Narragansett Bay and the SakonnetRiver. In the past I have been very unsuccessful with lead core and tube & worm. It seems to me that proximity to the bottom is critical.

I am told that if the tube and worm lure is not within 3 feet of the bottom that I will never get a hit. So I loose lure by the dozen. Hung up on rocks, lobster pots.....

I my question is: How critical is that proximity to the bottom? If I am 5-10 feet off the bottom am I wasting my time?

I am also thinking of trying a parachute rig with rubber shad. I hear that you can be shallower and still get fish because they are attracted to the commotion around the parachute rig. Is this true?

I know I am in the right spots. I see other nailing keepers. I and hung up on the bottom 75% of the time I troll deep.

Any help is appreciated.
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Old 05-10-2007, 05:33 PM
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MASSfisher0311 MASSfisher0311 is offline
(formerly brian21johansen)
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Default Re: Trolling speed and depth

Interesting post......I'm sure others can help you more than I can with this topic but ill get it started.....

first off although the majority of the big stripers are near the bottom that doesn't mean you cant hook a monster near the surface or the middle of the water column. In my opinion if you are trolling in an area that is a problem with snagging (rocks, lobster pots, etc.) definently raise the tube from the bottom. simply put; you cannot catch fish if your hook is lodged on a rock or in a lobster pot. (p.s. most lobsterman are assholes (imop) but thats another story-no offense to anybody).

going on the idea you had of the umbrella rig (due to the fact that it "causes commotion") why don't you try adding a worm to that tube? Live is SO much more effective then a fake worm and if raising the tube from the bottom this worm may bring the added "commotion" and "scent" that is needed to produce strikes from the bottom lunkers. For the majority of fishermen they will NOT troll a tube unless a live worm is on the rig.

-still, try to stay as close to the bottom as possible without putting your tubes in jeopordy.
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Old 05-11-2007, 09:19 PM
Ken Jr. Ken Jr. is offline
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Default Re: Trolling speed and depth

i've had good luck with a piece eel about four inches in length stay's on the hook last's along time plenty of scent worth taking a shot!!
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Old 05-19-2007, 01:17 AM
briggs briggs is offline
Join Date: Apr 2004
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Default Re: Trolling speed and depth

whats up guys....

first of all...lobster pots and such are inevitable. especially in the good spots. you just need to watch out for them. I fish close to pots 60% of the time i'm draggin something. If you think your to close to getting hung up..reel your line in a bit till your by it....adjust boat speed and direction..etc....

I have a 24 foot Albemarle...i can only get her down to 2.3 knots. i found out a long time ago that 2.3 knots is a perfect speed for tube and worm. Leadcore line..the extra weight plus boat speed will get her down to where the fish are. you also dont want to be putting extra weight at the tube like a trolling weight etc... i also use leadcore with my umbrella rigs...but you troll those a bit faster. bringing a tube off the bottom too much will not produce to much. If you have ever drifted eels or thrown them from the shore, you notice one thing....they head for bottom immediatly. of course, thats the natural thing to do. so if you want your bait or tube look natural, keep it close to the me.

some boaters that cant get that slow or would like to get slower, they put holes in a bucket and drag them for drag.

my 2 cents

Craig aka Briggs

Master of His Own Domain
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Old 05-23-2008, 01:48 PM
trolie's Avatar
trolie trolie is offline
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Default Re: Trolling speed and depth

Trolling is something that I love to do, the reason is you can play with the baits in so many ways to get them to do what you want. Umbrella rigs are awesome for attracting fish but the weight of the rig kills the fight. Here are a few tips for making the most of an umbrella rig.

Do not buy a pre-rigged umbrella. You can rig and re-rig an umbrella for what a pre rigged one cost. And you can play with all sorts of things on the rig. I usually run them with alternating chartreuse and white lures around the rig. Sometimes I replace an umbrella bait with a de-hooked rattle trap or other noisy bait, also a dead bait or two can be substituted for scent. You can play with the weight, if the weather is going to be a little rough adding 2 ounces onto one leg will keep the rig stable, sometimes they spin which does bad things to you stainless cable.

Speaking of stainless cable it comes on your downrigger. These are really expensive, but cannon has a minie troll which you can get for $100. I wouldn't waste money on the accessory pack you will probably not need the weight. The really cool thing about these is that you can double or even triple stack umbrellas on them which would certainly break a pole. For my trailing bait I use a little trick, at most pharmacys you can get rubber bands for braces. These work great for pressure releases on the back of the rig, just make sure you keep the pole with the lure high compared to the rigger so it will not tangle in the line. This gets two baits in the water with the umbrellas, now you need to get a few more in to cover the water column. Big Jonas has a deeper diver that allows you to adjust the direction (left to right) and the depth of the lure. Someone else may have one too I dont know. These work great for setting a water column line that can cover 40 to 50 feet of dept with only 4 lines. If you dont want to go to all this trouble there is a bottom bouncing modification that works with almost any lure. Tie a three way swivel on the end of your line, measure out the leader and connect it to the next ring on the swivel and then use a weight on third leg of the swivel with the appropriate amount of line to reach your depth with the lure. The important thing here is the weight, use a cylinder drop shot, these dont seem to get snagged as easily. Also please dont use lead weights, it may cost more but other materials are just as effective and dont poison the environment. As for speed with umbrella's 2 to 2.5. For other baits I don't know.
Happy trollin!
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depth, speed, trolling

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