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Boaters Forum This forum is for boaters both fresh and saltwater. Trolling / Tips / Tactics / Maintenance

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Old 05-30-2010, 04:32 PM
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Default 29th and 30s of may trip.

Wnet out into Race/ Valiant Rock, race rock. Trolled leadheads and chute rigs, no luck, switched to drift fish with 3 way bucktails and salt pork strip on ends (for tail action) Just about 2 hours before end of outgoign tide, GOt Monster, spit the hook! Next drift, I got a 32 incher on same methode, 3 way with bucktail. Boated him. Next, GOt even bigger monster hit, monster run...through my own carelesness, I was fishing off the back of the starbrd side and my line was under the boat headign toward the out drive. It was a serrious fish, COuld have been a 40 to 50#'r but, Ill never knwo cause i lost it when my braid slipped past the outdrive. Next I must touch base on the mightiest most furocious monster fighter out there and I dont mean a tail hooked 6 foot sand shark. I got hit, on same set up, (3way) it was an insane run, I thought i had the mother of all stripers. SOmething seemed different though. this one was fighting wickedly, just as some of you my already suspect, it took me 10 min to get him out and to the boat. It was maybe a 9/11# Bluefish! I swear pound for pound...they got to be the best fighters. I actualy caught a 17# Bluefish in the rip @ the race when i was 13 yo. My old man said real em up, I was realing and he hit. that was a work out. Bluefish are monsters and sometimes they win if you are not rigged to catch them. needless to say, that littel blue I caught this weekend gave me a run for my money, Oh did I forget to tell you the race was moving @ 5 mph and I had a 15 ounce sinker on my 3 way? lol. last but not least, We call it a night and go over to Wolderness point off fishers island to sleep and get up @ 2:00 am to go back out. I put a big 7 inch sandworm on a small hook and fead out 9 feet of line. I hokked the sand worm on a naked hook with no swivel and no sinker. I used a very small hook (like the hook u use to hold the head of squid on fluke rig (not the bottom) a porgy hook i guess, anyways, I hooked him through the head and it was just getting dark. I fead out 8 feet of line, put a long neck ballon on and tied it. I drifted out my braid and got him 70 feet from the boat. I put rod in holder, locked in the butt, and tied bungy on the real to prevent ,....well ...me getting up in the mornign to find pole gone. I had th edrag losse but not too loose. JUst as I started to doze off, ( i was sleeping on the deck, I hear the rod go off, it literaly pulls the loose rod holder mounted on the rail over to side ways orientation ( about to loose it. But it was tied as I said. I grabbed it and omg... It was pissed. It took me 20 min to get him in the boat. He was fiesty. He puked up what looked like little silver sides or sand eels, wasnt sure. I didnt even have to messure him as i knew he was a keeper. We kept 2. (both mine) lol. worked the race @ 3:00 AM that next morning. It was FULL MOON! TIde was rinnging out. Didnt catch a thing. not even a hit. Some boats were. that mornign and afternoon, we decided to go to see if the fluke were there. Nothing. Although my Uncle caught an impressive sized brown or dogfish shark . NO FLUKE striper soup though
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29th, 30s, trip

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