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Old 03-24-2009, 02:47 AM
gregorjim gregorjim is offline
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Default Re: Mass Striper Bill and Calif AB1253 Bill

Where do I start? I've been reading the pros and cons on the Mass Bill and thinking that you have a priviledge to do something about it. I don't think you need a history lesson on the stripers and their past history. Game fish status would bring back this fishery as it did in the past. It's funny that after over-fishing by commercials in the past that it was allowed to eliminate the stripers again. I'm not sure if the real big fish are spauners, so I can't argue the slot limit. But I think one keeper a day is enough for one family anyway. Most fishermen overharvest their catch and end up throwing out freezer burned fish each year. Your small ccharter boat captains have an issue with the one fish rule huring them in business, but we on the West Coast made the transition with one sturgeon each and slot size of 46" - 66". Spawning areas closed at times of year. Since you have to return all out of slot size fish anyway, what is the gripe that customers won't oay the price of a charter boat. You only keep one fish. I wish we had a choice on the West Coast with our fishery. Our fish and game is appointed by the Gov who is in turn making decisions on the lovely canal and piping systems that such the SF Bay and Delta dry. This started years ago when certain businessmen down in So Cal bought up cheap land and figures out how to get transfer of Northern CA water to improve the value of their land. Suddenly a Perifal Canal appeared and our problems started. The pumps in the river actually reverse the flow of water, sucking every bait fish nearby. Studies have proven that small bait are actually pumped into fields along with the water and our fishery as fertilizer.. Striped bass organizations tried to put a stop to this and failed. Now the So Cal grower are a powerful force with much money to help with campaign funds for certain political people. These people elected made decisions on amounts of water sent to the south. Remember the movie "Chinatown"? Now our governor seems to think that all the desert land near Los Angeles can be transformed into homes with lawns and swimming pools. And guess where the water comes from. Now we have developers joined forces with the AgriGrowers in a fight with us trying to save our Delta. Little by little the fishery has gone down hill. Seems like everytime we get a case in court as to the demise of the Delta Smelt (endangered Species Act) which would really help us in court it keeps getting dragged out again. It is grand larceny but we fight on hoping the court will prevail. Now an assemblywomen (R) Jean Fuller puts a bill out (AB1253) to erradicate the stripers. No limit or size. It is saying they are the cause of no salmon. This wasn't case back when there were 7 to 12 million bass, and around 7 million salmon. There we no problem with them getting along. That is, until the water wars began. This has affected the water quality in the Delta along with numerous bait fish mailing the Delta smelt. This bill we be the final blow to the stripers. Then she wants the large and small mouth bass and crappie hich are not native in our state. They want to eleminate our striper which will eliminate our complaining about the water grab. This would divert the issue elsewhere from the true problem. So here we are trying to help our fishery and they want to eliminate it. By the way,Ms Fuller (R) is intertwined with the So Cal Agrigrowers. Can you believe that? What a coincidence.

It's unbelieveable that they get away with this larceny. If you or I had a problem with an endanderged species the courts woul.d dop the hammer on us so fast it woulod make your held spin. That is just the political aspect of our problems. We have an abundeunce of people moving in constantly, mostly illegals that bring their fishing issues from their country. They keep any fish, doesn't matter zise or limit, and when caught they say didn't understand the law. If you shortchange them in a store they will tell you so. Commercial fishermen are the worst. They depleted their country and are trying to deplete ours. I understand their previous hard like but they are in our country now and should learn the language and the laws.

Also, our license is around $50 a year with all the stamps, steelhead tags, etc. But when you call for a warden on the Cal-Tip line they say no one is able to come out. At on time they had a $5 striper stamp. It was supposed to help out with the stiper population. It turned out it wasn't being spent on bass but on something else. They cancelled it due to pressure from anglers and groups. The following year they brought out a $5 bay enhancement stamp. It guess it is one hand shaking the other.
So we really hasve a porblem with our fishery. This will be the second year of our salmon closure. It is almost no bass or delta smelt. Way to many dams, and with these pumps all the baby fish are going south with the water. No one is held accountable for their actions and to top it off a bill to erradicate the remaining bass.. and you think you have problems. If it can happen to us it can happen to you.

I would stop the commercial fishing of stripers and make it a game fish. Make sure the fish and game is not an appointed position. Have one that actually works for the grand fishery you have back there. If there is a license or stamps make sure on where the money is going. If it is collected for a certain fishery then spend it there. Check the books. Limit the commercial quota of bait fish and this is important to the helath of fisheries, especially the Menhaden. Japan doesn't need and more fish fertilizer at the cost of the stripers demise. They are taking all our forests as it is now. And poachers should be severly fined in courts by the liberal judges who never fished or hunted. The poachers make enough to allow for small fines anyway. I am talking about poachers that does this for a living. Put them out of business and in jail. We are fiorced to travel to your beautiful staates to fish for stipers and blues. We have met many friends, Gunny, Zimno, Baitrunner, Striper Jim, etc. and know their same love for the fishery. And I thank you fior sharing your beautiful with us. I am hoping you all make the right decisions on this bill and future ones.

Your West Coast friend,

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Old 03-24-2009, 03:07 AM
gregorjim gregorjim is offline
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Join Date: Jun 2008
Location: Millbrae, Cal
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Default Re: Mass Striper Bill and Calif AB1253 Bill

Sorry for the typos friends, But unless I push it tru ,The dam computer just shuts down & everything is lost... Plus Jim , I probably should have [posted this on the Striper room.. I really hope the vote works out for you guys...Jim
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Old 03-24-2009, 10:07 PM
zimno1's Avatar
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Default Re: Mass Striper Bill and Calif AB1253 Bill

we love you too jim......
pm me!

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Old 04-12-2009, 04:16 AM
ING ING is offline
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Default Re: Mass Striper Bill and Calif AB1253 Bill

Dear Jean Fuller and Co.

Amount of salmon has been decreased not because of striper bass.
Many years they’ve existed side by side without any problems.
Both of them – salmon and striper bass have suffered now from unprofessional and just stupid water management.
Halibut’s population wasn’t affected because halibuts have spawned in the salt water.
So, speculations around pollutions and lack of forage have no ground.
Instead of teaching farmers (example – Israel) to spare using of water that was much more then enough before recent excessive taking water from the rivers, you are going the easiest and short-sighting way: taking more and more water from rivers and killing the fish spawning places.
Both of species: salmon and striper bass now endangered. Exterminating of one population doesn’t safe another if water robbing of rivers will continue. Again we are seeing non-professional, political decision. All that story looks like you and Co. get the aim to exterminate stripered bass and salmon and other species for very simple reason: no fish - no anymore problems for farther water distribution, for building new dams, for new water grabbing.
Who will take responsibility for previous stupid steps that cause decreasing of fish spawning places? They have to be punished for lobbing of interests of one branch of food producing-farms and killing of fishing.
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Old 04-12-2009, 04:45 AM
ING ING is offline
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Default NEED ACTION! Mass Striper Bill and Calif AB1253 Bill

More letters needed, new instructions!

AB 1253 the bill to wipe out striped bass: Have you written your letter yet?
April 7, 2009 -- AB 1253, the bill introduced by Assembly woman Fuller (Bakersfield) to deregulate and remove all support for the striped bass is still on the agenda to be heard by the Assembly Water Parks and Wildlife Committee. CSPA has sponsored a letter writing campaign to kill the bill in committee and we understand our supporters are having an impact. However, this is no time to slack off. Each and every letter received by the committee is counted as pro or con and the totals are reported on the date of the hearing. We want to make sure that the pile of letters in the pile recommending the bill be killed overwhelms those in the pile recommending its passage.

You can track the bill on-line at the following site,

The bill will be heard by committee on April 28th.

The committee secretary states to be the most effective we should do the following:

Here are the NEW instructions to send your letters to the committee.

Send ONE letter to the Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee either snail mail or FAX.
The committee does NOT want e-mail!
The address of the committee is:

Assemblymember Jared Huffman, Chair
Assembly Committee on Water, Parks & Wildlife
1020 N Street, Suite 160
Sacramento, CA 94249

The fax number is:


Your letters should be addressed:

Re: Opposition to AB 1253 (Fuller) - Striped Bass

Chairman Huffman and Members of the Committee:

Sample letters and letters to individual committee members
Two sample letters follow. You are encouraged to cut and paste as you see fit and add your own comments as well.

You are still encouraged to send snail mail or e-mail responses to individual assembly members IF YOU LIVE IN THEIR DISTRICT. The list of committee members, their addresses and districts follow the sample letters.

Sample letter #1

Dear Assembly member __________________,

As a California angler, voter and taxpayer, I strongly oppose passage of AB 1253, the bill to delist and remove support of the striped bass as a California game fish.. Please vote this bill down when it comes before you as a member of the Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee.


Your name
Address including zip code (important)

Sample letter #2

Dear Assembly member __________________,

As a California angler, voter and taxpayer, I strongly oppose AB 1253, the bill introduced by Assembly member Fuller, intending to delist and remove support of the striped bass as a California game fish.

The striped bass, a fish legally introduced to the State by the California Fish and Game Commission, established itself as one of the state's premier game fish and coexisted in harmony for over 130 years with the state's native fishes. Even in the 1930's when the striped bass population was believed to exceed 12 million adult fish and the species was fished commercially, the fish did not impact the state's salmon stocks or the health of the delta's fisheries including the delta smelt and the longfin smelt.

The striped bass fishery along with the chinook salmon, steelhead, delta smelt, longfin smelt, American Shad, green sturgeon, white sturgeon fisheries only began to decline with the operation of the State Water Project and the Central Valley Project in the late 1960's. As exports have increased, the populations of all of these fishes has crashed to all time historical lows with the delta smelt now on the endangered species list, the longfin smelt threatened, the chinook salmon run the lowest in history. The current striped bass popluations is also at historical lows.

The striped bass is a fish of legend and has been a part of California's angling heritage for 130 years. AB 1253, a bill sponsored by a number of water districts is an obvious attempt to transfer the blame of the decline of California's once great fisheries to one of the species that made the California Delta one of the greatest fisheries on earth instead of their insatiable demand for larger and larger amounts of delta water. They realize that if the delta's fisheries can be destroyed, it is one less reason to obstruct the draining of the delta for subsidized agribusiness farming.

Please vote this bill down when it comes before your committee. If passed, it will do nothing to restore California's once great fisheries and will cause the destruction of one of California's greatest game fish.


Your name
Address including zip code (important)

Assembly Water Parks and Wildlife Committee

Jared Huffman (D)
State Capitol
P.O. Box 942849
Sacramento, CA 94249-0006
Tel: (916) 319-2006
Fax: (916) 319-2106
[email protected] 6th Assembly District -- Marin headlands including Sausalito, Novato, Petaluma

Vice Chair (And AB 1253 Sponsor)

Jean Fuller (R)
State Capitol, Room 3098
Sacramento, CA 95814
916-319-2132 fax
[email protected] 32nd Assembly District --
Bakersfield, Frazier Park, Kern River Valley, Ridgecrest, Taft, Tehachapi


Joel Anderson (R)
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 319-2077,
(916) 319-2177 fax
[email protected] 77th Assembly District -- Eastern San Diego area, part of the Imperial Valley

Juan Arambula (D)
State Capitol
P.O. Box 942849
Sacramento, CA 94249-0031
(916) 319-2031
(916) 319-2131 Fax
[email protected] 31st Assembly District -- Firebaugh, Mendota, San Joaquin, Fresno, Selma, Sanger, Reedley

Tom Berryhill (R)
State Capitol Room # 3141
Sacramento, CA 95814
916-319-2125 fax
[email protected] 25th Assembly District -- Calaveras, Tuolumne, Mono, Mariposa, and Madera counties, eastern portion of Stanislaus County

Bob Blumenfield (D)
State Capitol
P.O. Box 942849
Sacramento, CA 94249-0040
Tel: (916) 319-2040
Fax: (916) 319-2140
[email protected] 40th Assembly District -- Canoga Park, Winnetka, Reseda, Northridge, Van Nuys

Anna M. Caballero (D)
State Capitol, P.O. Box 942849 Sacramento, CA 94249-0028 Tel: (916) 319-2028
Fax: (916) 319-2128
[email protected] 28th Assembly District -- Morgan Hill, Gilroy, Salinas, Watsonville, San Juan Batista, Soledad, San Lucas, Bradley

Nathan Fletcher (R)
State Capitol, Room 2111
Sacramento, CA 95814
916-319-2075, 916-319-2175 fax
[email protected] 75th Assembly District -- San Diego area

Alyson Huber (D)
State Capitol
P.O. Box 942849
Sacramento, CA 94249-0010
Tel: (916) 319-2010
Fax: (916) 319-2110
[email protected] 10th Assembly District -- Elk Grove, Plymouth, Jackson, Lodi, Ione, Sutter Creek, Woodbridge

Bonnie Lowenthal (D)
State Capitol
P.O. Box 942849
Sacramento, CA 94249-0054
Tel: (916) 319-2054
Fax: (916) 319-2154
[email protected] 54th Assembly District -- Long Beach

John A. Perez (D)
State Capitol
P.O. Box 942849
Sacramento, CA 94249-0046
Tel: (916) 319-2046
Fax: (916) 319-2146
[email protected] 46th Assembly District --
East Los Angeles
Huntington Park
Los Angeles

Mary Salas (D)
State Capitol, P.O. Box 942849 Sacramento, CA 94249-0079 Tel: (916) 319-2079
Fax: (916) 319-2179
[email protected] 79th Assembly District -- National City, Chula Vista, Coronado, Imperial Beach

Mariko Yamada (D)
State Capitol
P.O. Box 942849
Sacramento, CA 94249-0008
(916) 319-2008
(916) 319-2108 fax
[email protected] 8th Assembly District -- Benica, Vacaville, Fairfield, Dixon, Davis, West Sacramento, Rio Vista
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