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Saltwater Tackle Shop Product testing. Terminal tackle and gear forum. This forum is here to help the new and experienced angler in making good decision's when purchasing new gear. Talk about rods, reels, lures etc. here. List tackle or gear that you have experience with so that we may encourage others to try. Index of tackle dealers.

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Old 01-28-2006, 01:18 PM
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Default Editable for testing

What we're trying to build here is a complete data listing for Penn conventional reels. Ultimately this will include a cross reference showing what parts are interchangeable with which reels, including Newell, Accurate, Tiburon and other aftermarket parts suppliers.

If you can add anything to the information below please post it.

Reel number followed by no letter = Plastic Spool
Reel number followed by "M" = Chromed Steel Spool
Reel number followed by "L" = Aluminum Spool

Penn Standard Conventionals

25 Monofil

26 Monofil 340 of 12#

27 Monofil

Longbeach Series:
60 Longbeach, Smallest of the longbeach series, 500 yds. of 15lb., 2.5 to 1 ratio

65 Longbeach
67 Super Longbeach - 300 yards of 40# test mono

66 Super Longbeach
68 SuperLongbeach - 500yds of 40 lb., 2.5 : 1 ratio ----(trolling reel)

77 Sea-Hawk - inexpensive bakalite reel

78 Sea-Scamp - inexpensive bakalite reel

79 Sea-Mate


85 Sea Boy - inexpensive reel

99 Silver Beach - 3 to 1 ratio

Surfmaster Series
100 Narrow Spool
150 Mid size spool
200 Standard Surfmaster
Add "L" for aluminum spool


130 Sailfisher

Squidder Series
140 Standard Squidder, Line Capacity: 350 yds/20Lb.. Gear Ratio: 3:1.
145 Mid size spool
146 Narrow Spool
Add "LH" for left hand retrieve

149, Mariner

Beachmaster Series
156 - A 155 without the star drag was manufactured for a short time.
160 - ratio 2.8:1, 150 Yards 30 Lb Dacron

165 Beachmaster
Add "L" for aluminum spool

180 Baymaster (SPOOL IS 1 9/16" WIDE),
250 yds. of 18 lb, 2.8 to 1 ratio

185 Baymaster (up to 1970),
185 Seaboy (1990+),

190 Seaboy

249 Mariner

349 Master Mariner
349H Master Mariner
349HC Master Mariner

259 Live Bait Caster

267 Long Beach

268 Long Beach

285 Delmar - bacalite sides

Jigmaster Series:
500 Jigmaster 4-1 gear ratio, 275 yards of 30 lb
500S Jigmaster,
501 Jigmaster Narrow Spool

505HS Jigmaster High Speed - 5-1 gear ratio, 275 yards of 30 lb
506HS Jigmaster High Speed Narrow Spool
Add "L" for aluminum spool
Add "LH" for left hand retrieve

970 Mag Power

980 Mag Power

990 Mag Power

Penn Level Lines
9 Peerless

9 Peerless

9M Monofil

9MS Peerless Monofil 400 of 12#

10 Mag Tuned, 4 to 1 ratio, 275 of 15# mono.

109 Peer levelwind, Capacity 275 - 15LB mono, Ratio 3.75 / 1

109LH - left hand retrieve

109M, Peer, Monofil

209 Peer, Peer, Monofil Sr. Level Wind reel. Gear ratio 3-1 line cap. 320yds.of 20


209MF - 250 of 36# Nylon - 300 mono

210M Mag Tuned

210 MS, Levelwind, Ball Bearings, Gear Ratio 4:1, 350 YDS./20LB

309 Levelwind, Gear Ratio 3.0/1 . Capacity 30 LB ? 350 to 375 YDS

309M Super Peer

310GTi Super Levelwind Graphite

320GTi Super Levelwind Graphite
320GT2 Super Levelwind Graphite Next Gen.
320LD Super Levelwind Graphite Leverdrag

321GTi-LH Super Levelwind Graphite
330GTi Super Levelwind Graphite

330LD Super Levelwind Graphite Leverdrag

340GTi Super Levelwind Graphite 4/0

345GTi Super Levelwind Graphite 5/0

350M Leveline


See International Section for Int. Baitcasters
920 Levelmatic Narrow Spool w/CB-handle 20LB = 120 YDS, 4 to 1 ratio

930 Levelmatic w/CB-handle

940 Levelmatic w/P-handle

1000 Baitcaster

2000 Baitcaster

110 1/0 Senator Light Tackle Trolling

111 2/0 Senator Light Tackle Trolling

112 (3/0) Senator Light Tackle Trolling
112H (3/0) Special Senator Light Tackle Trolling

113 (4/0) Senator Light Tackle Trolling

113H (4/0) Special Senator Light Tackle Trolling
113HN (4/0) Senator Baja Special
113HL (4/0) Special Senator Light Tackle Trolling
113HLW (4/0) Special Senator Light Tackle Trolling
113HSP (4/0) Special Senator Wire Lining

114 (6/0) Senator Light Tackle Trolling
114H (6/0) Special Senator Light Tackle Trolling
114HL (6/0) Special Senator Light Tackle Trolling
114HLW (6/0) Special Senator Light Tackle Trolling

115L (9/0) Senator Medium Tackle Trolling

116A (10/0) Senator Heavy Tackle Trolling
116L (12/0) Senator Heavy Tackle Trolling

117L (14/0) Senator Ex. Heavy Tackle Trolling

118 (16/0) Senator Ex. Heavy Tackle Trolling

Offshore Leverdrag Models
GLD 20

GLD 20ii

GLD 30
GLD 30ii
GLD 50ii

10KG Formula Graphite Leverdrag 2-Speed
10LD Formula Graphite Leverdrag

15KG Formula Graphite Leverdrag 2-Speed
15LD Formula Graphite Leverdrag

225LD Graphite Leverdrag

24KG Formula Graphite Leverdrag 2-Speed

245LD Graphite Leverdrag

246LD Graphite Leverdrag

Misc Offshore/Trolling
25GLS GLS series Graphite

40GLS GLS series Graphite

45GLS GLS series Graphite

49L Super Mariner

525GS Graphite Series
525MAG Graphite Series

525MAG-T Graphite Series

535GS Graphite Series
535MAG Graphite Series

545GS Graphite Series
545MAG Graphite Series

555GS Graphite Series
555MAG Graphite Series

855LC Linecounter

875LC Linecounter

895LC Linecounter

PENN COMMANDER 30LW ratio 4.2 : 1, 330 yards 30lb

No data for the following reels:
#6 International
14 Atlantic
125 Seagate

Matching size drag washers

10.60,65,85,99,100,110,140,145,146,149,150,200,285,910,920,930,940, 860,870, and 880
9,109, 149,155,25,160,180,26,27,209, AND 350
210, 309, 500SL,501, 505, 506, 500, AND 112H
113H,113HSP,113HL,113HLW,340GTI,AND 345GTI

Matching Spools
100,180,185,190 and possibly more
79,80,85,285 and possibly more
60,111-285 and possibly more
49-149 and possibly more

Matching side rings
155,160 and 180 and possibly more
66,67 and 68 and possibly more
2/0 111 Senator, 60 Longbeach, 85 & 285

Matching Base Plate
Penn 30-66 reel stand will fit the Penn reels 66,112H,150, 209 and 309

Newell graphite RB2/15 (Plastic)stand kit with clamp & Stainless Steel clamp mounting screws fits the Penn 112H 3/0 High Speed Senator, 145 midsized Squidder, 150 Surfmaster , 160 Beachmaster, Albacore Special ( a converted Penn Jigmaster with a S99 spool this stand & Newell SP1 posts) or any Penn reel using the 29-65 or 29-66 stand & fits the Newell 229 Or 332 with the short screwed frame ,a set of 4 Newell short frame screws. The Penn stand screws will be too short

Newell Graphite ( Plastic) SP4 Suport spacer bars. Parts have " Newell on them in bold white letters , note change in style of the letters they are slanted now. One post has a metal strip so the line will not cut into it. These fit the 220 or 322 Newell reels using short screws or , The following Penn reels 501,506,349,149,49, & the 110 1/0 Senator using longer screws.
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Old 01-28-2006, 10:11 PM
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hey Jim nice post
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Old 01-28-2006, 11:56 PM
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Im locating some more pics so the official thread is a sticky in the tackle and gear forum
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editable, testing

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