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Old 01-19-2009, 12:49 PM
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Exclamation **Menhaden News** The latest

Here's a link to the Menhaden News thread, for those interested.
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Old 02-07-2009, 03:02 PM
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Default Re: Menhaden** News: "The Latest"

Atlantic States Marine
Fisheries Commission
2009 Winter Meeting Summary

Meeting Summary
The Board met to receive updates on several items. Cooperative research, involving industry spotter pilots from Omega, Ark Bait, and state and federal scientists, was initiated during the 2008 season. Spotter pilots submitted to scientists weekly logs that record observed number of schools and estimated number of fish per school. The scientists in turn are developing indices to track relative abundance over time. Improvements in the research can be made for the 2009 season with a modest investment of funds. The Board confirmed the members and purpose of a Chesapeake Bay Menhaden Guidance Group that it created at its October meeting. The Group’s long term goal is to identify research and monitoring programs to support assessment and management and to develop and implement a long term funding strategy. The Board also received an update on the Policy Board’s intent to task the Management and Science Committee and Multispecies Technical Committees with monitoring this issue. The Menhaden Board will discuss specific guidance for those Committees at its May meeting. The benchmark stock assessment for menhaden is scheduled for peer review in March 2010. The next step in that process is a data workshop meeting in May 2009 to compile data and continue discussion about which model or models will be used in the assessment. The Board approved Ron Lukens’ appointment to the Advisory Panel as a representative for Virginia.
No motions made.
Old 08-26-2009, 01:21 PM
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Default Re: **Menhaden News** The latest

HOUSE BILL 1344 WOULD HAVE PREVENTED DESTRUCTIVE FISH SPILL OFF CAPE LOOKOUTCoastal Conservation Association Urges State House Committee On Marine Resources And Aquaculture To Take Action On Legislation That Will Prevent Future Disasters

RALEIGH, NC - Last week, a Virginia-based menhaden fishing vessel spilled fish off the coast of Cape Lookout. The North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries also received complaints about bycatches of red drum and commercial operations by several menhaden boats near recreational areas on our coast. The spill and associated complaints involved a boat owned by Omega Protein of Reedville, Va.

According to published reports, the Division of Marine Fisheries ("DMF") received a report last Monday from Omega Protein that the captain of the Fishing Vessel (F/V) Tangier Island had split a net and spilled approximately 150,000 dead fish about two miles off Cape Lookout.

A few hours later, DMF received a call that the F/V Lancaster was setting its nets among a group of sports fishermen. Reports and photographs indicated the menhaden boat was fishing very close to the shore. According to reports, DMF also received complaints of a menhaden vessel fishing close to shore in a heavily used recreational area just off Emerald Isle.

Last Wednesday, the DMF received yet another report of dead menhaden and about 50 large red drum floating offshore in the area of the spill. The dead red drum, North Carolina's Official Saltwater Fish, was the result of bycatch in menhaden nets.

These disasters could have easily been prevented had the North Carolina General Assembly acted on legislation aimed at banning this destructive industrial practice. On April 8, 2009, Representatives Ty Harrell and Darren Jackson introduced House Bill 1344 ("Prohibit Taking of Menhaden for Purposes of Reduction"). The simple purpose of the legislation is to enact a ban on menhaden reduction fishing in state waters because there are no longer any menhaden reduction facilities in North Carolina. The legislation would also minimize the chances of "fish spills" such as those last week that pose a threat to our coast.

Unfortunately, House Bill 1344 has languished in committee for over two months without a hearing. Based on last week's completely avoidable events, the Coastal Conservation Association of North Carolina is urging the House Committee on Marine Resources and Aquaculture to immediately take up this important bill. According to CCA-NC Executive Director Stephen Ammons, "We cannot afford to sit by another minute while the destructive practice of menhaden reduction fishing continues in North Carolina's waters."

The menhaden reduction fishery is an industrial commercial fishing activity that harvests hundred million of pounds of menhaden each year to be used in oils and animal feed. While these fish are not consumed by humans, menhaden represent the most significant forage fish for species such as striped bass, king mackerel, flounders, weakfish and tunas. Omega Protein is the only reduction plant on the east coast. Reduction fishing is very efficient at decimating menhaden schools while occasionally causing major fish kills that wash up on the beach.

Omega Protein boats can come to North Carolina waters, harvest our fish and possibly cause local stock depletion. Yet, North Carolina receives no benefit as these boats return to Virginia to process the catch. Some North Carolina counties have enacted local restrictions on this reduction fishery, but we have no statewide ban on this practice.
Old 09-12-2009, 08:50 PM
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Default Re: **Menhaden News** The latest

Other east coast states should also put pressure on them to pass that legislation in NC as their decisions affect not only NC but the entire east coast
Old 09-18-2009, 04:20 PM
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Default Re: **Menhaden News** The latest

Amen!! the algea eating menhaden may be the cure for the nitrogen/algea filled waters of the chesapeak bay. while we will need huge infastructure changes in the bays watershed, we need to let the population of menhaden increase,fueled by a limitless food supply.

the menhaden will clean the bay for free at no cost to the taxpayer. This may give us enough time to make the huge changes in the bays watershed.

the real value of the menhaden has more to do with what the menhaden can do of our waterway's not to mention for our beloved stripers.

Old 01-31-2011, 02:54 PM
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Default Re: **Menhaden News** The latest

Old 03-24-2011, 01:30 PM
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Default **Menhaden News** The latest

ASMFC takes first steps to rebuild menhaden forage base

ALEXANDRIA, VA – For the first time ever, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission took steps to rein in the industrial harvest of menhaden and begin the process of managing the menhaden fishery. If adopted, the measures proposed today by the Menhaden Management Board would lead to a reduction of menhaden harvest in both the reduction and bait fisheries.

“After years of inaction, this is an excellent first step toward recovering a critical forage base,” said Richen Brame, CCA Atlantic States Fisheries director. “This action is significant, simply because the science on menhaden as a vital forage base is improving, and it is the science that is now driving this process. Some folks will feel that the proposals today do not go far enough, but it is imperative to point out that although this does not get us across the plate, it does get us in scoring position.”

The latest menhaden stock assessment showed the stock was undergoing overfishing and abundance estimates were at the lowest level ever recorded.****Current science indicates that the menhaden spawning stock biomass is at about 9 percent of a stock that is not subjected to any fishing pressure. The Menhaden Management Board voted to start an addendum that would increase the spawning stock biomass to15 percent.

“That would end overfishing, cause about a 10 percent reduction in landings, and potentially increase spawning stock by more than 50 percent,” said Brame.

These are interim measures that will likely be in place for three to five years until a Multi-Species Virtual Population Analysis can be conducted, which will require stock assessment updates on bluefish, striped bass, weakfish and menhaden stock.

“When that analysis is conducted, it is very possible we will have a much better idea of the population of menhaden needed to fully serve as the critical forage base for those popular sport fish,” said Brame. “The picture is constantly evolving, and we appreciate that the Menhaden Management Board worked to develop a suite of management options to use in the interim that will begin rebuilding menhaden.”

The draft addendum will be developed over the summer to be approved for public comment at the ASMFC’s August meeting.**** Public hearings will be held along the entire Atlantic seaboard this fall, with final action at the ASMFC’s November Annual Meeting in Massachusetts. If adopted, management restrictions could be in place for the 2012 fishing season.


CCA is the largest marine resource conservation group of its kind in the nation. With almost 100,000 members in 17 state chapters, CCA has been active in state, national and international fisheries management issues since 1977. For more information visit the CCA Newsroom at www.JoinCCA.org.

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