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Old 05-09-2009, 06:40 AM
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Default Passed along - E15 gas bill

E15 will replace E10! EPA deadline for comments 5/21/2009.


This month, on April 21st, 2009, ACE, Growth Energy and 54 ethanol producers submitted a formal waiver application to the EPA, to get approval to increase E10 to E15. If approved, gas will contain 5% more ethanol.

E15 will replace E10 at all public pumps, if the EPA does not receive public opposition.
EPA deadline for public comments is May 21st 2009, less than 1 month away.

Increasing E10 to E15 makes no sense and will be costly for all consumers.
Marine engine owners and those with older engines not resistant to alcohol gas, will be hit the hardest.

- Not a single manufacturer approves of use of gas with 15% ethanol -
10% is the legal max...
(Check your owner's manual and warranty statement)
- High levels of alcohol damages engine parts and increases risk of water absorption...
- Ethanol blends have lower energy and reduce mpg...
- Ethanol (in gas) is subsidized by taxpayer money...

There are many more reasons why we must stop EPA approval of E15.
E85 (up to 85% ethanol) used only in flex-fuel automobiles is safe,
E15 used in conventional engines is not.

If you oppose E15, we strongly suggest all concerned citizens to review and respond to the EPA, as soon as possible.

E10 was approved by the EPA without restrictions, because no opposition was submitted -
Do not let this happen again!

More E15 waiver information and discussion (including EPA contacts):

The notice can also be found on the EPA's website and in the Federal Register.


I realize this may seem off-topic, but any boater who has lost choice for non-ethanol gas, and been faced with E10 caused engine damgage and/or gas contamination, knows it's urgent that all boaters respond to the EPA ASAP.
(Feel free to move thread, if necessary - 30 days is not enought time to make public aware - I'm trying to post this on all boards I've visited over the years, in hopes enough people with respond to the EPA and block or restrict increase to 15% ethanol at public and marine pumps).

Respond here;
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