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Old 01-19-2010, 12:15 AM
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Default Mass Striper Gamefish Bill ...

Well guys this is a very important day for all striper fishing as this bill not only effects the Mass fishing , but since these great fish migrate up & down the coast will effect the stripers in many states...We on the west coast sent many letters to politicians in Mass explaining how we travel each year to their statefor the wonderfull striper fishing..Explaining how much money is spent on travel, food, lodging etc.. And that will continue as long as the fishery continues...But we all know with over harvesting of fish & baitfish , mainly to foreign countries that your beloved bass will soon deminish...The only way is to make the stripers a gamefish...This will have a great impact on the striper population along with stopping baitfish over harvesting..We appreciate your state sharing your great fishery with us & will continue to visit your beautiful state as long as the fishery remains good...Thank you. Gregorjim
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Old 01-19-2010, 10:24 AM
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Default Re: Mass Striper Gamefish Bill ...

Thanks Jim

Hmmmm I wonder why they dont let me use a gillnet in my local lake?
Unfortunately commercial fishing has been a way of life for centuries in New England and they have enormous political clout.
Loud noises and nasty infighting coming from both sides.

The bill's sponsor, Rep. Matthew Patrick, D-Falmouth, said a healthy striper stock is worth about $1 billion to the state's tourism business.

According to the Associated Press The Massachusetts bill has yet to move before the House, and Rep. Patrick said Friday he’s open to compromise, perhaps buyouts for commercial fishermen or tighter restrictions on them.

(Incidentaly the number of landings dropped - federal numbers showed a 71 percent drop in stripers landed in Massachusetts -- from about 9 million in 2006 to about 2.6 million last year.)
How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when it is quite clearly Ocean.
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Old 01-19-2010, 09:38 PM
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Default Re: Mass Striper Gamefish Bill ...

a few days ago they had a meeting up there in regard to closing specific areas for pollack/flounder. i don't know yet what the upshot of that was but, it's gonna be a little better as, any area closed to fishing for one or two species will not put pressure on anything else in the area. they were talking about closing the flounder altogether. i will go and see what happened. meanwhile, how are you feeling mr M. pm me your address. i have it somewhere but don't know where i put it.

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Old 02-02-2010, 04:59 PM
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Default Re: Massachusetts Saltwater Fishing License

Are stripers threatened?

January 25, 2010

When saltwater fishermen go fishing, the No. 1 prey they're angling for is striped bass. To their dismay, Massachusetts fishermen caught many fewer striped bass last year than they did three years ago — 2.6 million compared to 9 million — and they're saying, "Something must be done."
Rep. Matthew Patrick, D-Falmouth, has responded with a bill that would override the existing management plan for the species. It would end commercial fishing for striped bass (20 percent of the total catch), reduce from two to one the number of fish that the recreational fisherman could take home, and alter the size limits in an effort to protect the egg-laying females.
The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, which manages the management plan, says it's working fine. The commission counts the fish by seining the little ones as they leave the spawning grounds; the 2009 assessment produced the conclusion that "striped bass are not overfished and overfishing is not occurring... ."
The spawning stock (the large fertile females) remains above target levels, it says.
It's the view shared by the experts of NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service and its Northeast Fisheries Science Center at Woods Hole, and the scientists of the state Division of Marine Fisheries.
Jeffrey Kasner of Stripers Forever, an advocacy group headquartered in Boston and the source of Patrick's legislation, is not impressed. Those people "don't have a good track record," he says. Rep. Patrick notes that the fishery managers are the people who were in charge as the striped bass population crashed in the 1970s and '80s.
That was three decades ago. Should we assume that the fisheries professionals haven't learned anything? Well, they learned enough to guide the striped bass stocks back from fewer than nine million fish in 1982 to more than 70 million fish in 2004, one of the great success stories of fishery management.
Gary Shepard of the Woods Hole center points out some facts: in Connecticut and New Jersey, catches increased to peak levels last year. Most of the striped bass in the Bay of Maine spawn in the Chesapeake Bay, which has pollution problems. There's evidence that the movement of bass schools is changing, putting them into federal waters where fishing for them is prohibited.
For a decade, the recreational striped bass catch in Massachusetts has bumped along above and below 6 million. In 2006, it zoomed to almost 9 million, then plummeted last year to 2.6 million. A spike in the data, up or down, may or may not signal a trend.
But brushing all that aside, Rep. Patrick and Stripers Forever believe a legislative makeover is needed.
It probably won't go far in its present form, Patrick acknowledges. The chair of the Joint Committee on the Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture said he didn't hear much support for the bill at a recent hearing, and he did hear a lot of opposition.
It's just as well. When the professionals who manage the striped bass say they're flourishing, we should listen, wait and see.
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Old 02-02-2010, 04:59 PM
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Default Re: Massachusetts Saltwater Fishing License

Protect Atlantic striped bass
Link - Cape cod times


February 02, 2010

In response to your editorial about striped bass (Jan. 25), I sponsored "An Act Relative to the Conservation of Atlantic Striped Bass" because I am concerned about the sustainability of the fishery and the impact its loss could have on the communities I represent.
The striped bass recreational fishery in Massachusetts is worth more than $1 billion to our economy vs. $24 million for the commercial fishery. That includes the primary and secondary economic impacts. Much of the secondary impacts of the recreational fishery are in the money fishermen spend in our coastal communities to buy equipment, food, lodging and other things.
If the striped bass fishery were to fail like it did from the mid-1970s to the mid-1980s, it would have a catastrophic impact on Cape Cod's economy as well as other coastal communities. I don't think we should risk it especially in these times.
The state Division of Marine Fisheries will say that the fishery is not at risk and the fishery is sustainable. What is important to remember is counting fish is, at best, an inexact science. It was under DMF's watch that the striped bass fishery collapsed, not that I blame them. I just use it as an example of how difficult it is to estimate fish stocks.
My key concern is that female spawning stocks are down for several years now and nearing the threshold thought safe by the Atlantic States Marine Fishery Council. While male striped bass seldom reach 30 inches in length, spawning females do reach that size. The limit that governs commercial fishermen is 34 inches, which means that most of the fish caught by commercial fishermen are usually large spawning females. This is not good for sustaining a fishery.
According to a peer-reviewed study that appeared in Science magazine on July 5, 2002, "management tools that preserve natural genetic variation are necessary for long-term sustainable yield."
I also think something should be done about the way we handle commercial permits. There were 3,599 commercial permits purchased in 2008. Only 1,207 permit holders reported catching any fish. One has to wonder if the 2,400 commercial permit holders, who do not report catching any striped bass, purchase the $65 permit just to avoid the two fish recreational limit per day. Commercial license holders can keep 30 fish per day.
In addition, all Atlantic Coast states, except Massachusetts, post advisory warnings on the striped bass for PCBs and mercury. These advisories go from no more than two meals per month to "avoid eating striped bass" in Rhode Island. Women and children are advised to not eat striped bass in several states.
However, I am not married to the particular language in my bill. I am open to amendments that will solve the problem or make it easier to accept. For example, I think the commercial people should be compensated for their losses.
It is estimated that the cost of such a program would be about $500,000 to replace the profit made by the commercial striped bass fishermen. This money could come out of the revenue generated by saltwater licenses or a stamp for striped bass on the license.

State Rep. Matthew Patrick represents the 3rd Barnstable District in the Massachusetts House.
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