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I hope you don't mind if I add to and update this thread a little.

SMITH LAKEis the location (I think the only location) from which, DWFF collects brood stripe through electrofishing. They are then put in a hatchery and returned after spawning. The resulting fingerlings are then stocked throughout the state. It is really dificult to find and catch shad on Smith, so I do reccommend either purchasing them or Bringing them from another nearby lake if you want to fish with live bait. I prefer to bring my own. Last time I purchased shad they were either $18.00 or $20.00 per dozen. There are lots of 30lb. plus stripers and a few 40lbers. in Smith Lake. Below the dam along the Sipsey River is not a bad stripe fishery either. Trout are stocked there also.

WEISS LAKE is also coming along too. Five or six years ago, you just didn't hear of any 30lb. stripers being caught there. In the last few years, more big stripe are being caught. A good friend of mine has caught 2, over 30lbs. there. Across alabama, the daily limit for stripe is from 2 to 6 fish(varies from lake to lake) over 16" long. But at Weiss the limit is 30 fish of ANY size. I guess that says something about the stripe population there. The tailrace at Weiss is pretty good striper water too.

Unmentioned here so far is Wilson and Wheeler lakes which lay kinda between Smith and Weiss on the tennessee river. They are both good lakes with productive tailraces for striper chasers. They are not as shallow as Weiss or as deep as Smith. They are both sort of a balance between the other 2. All 4 of theese lakes are great for striper fishing, but for different reasons.

I hope this helps someone. Keep a tight line.
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