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Default on a sad note - RIP Jack Gartside

Jack Gartside died on sunday. anyone worth thier salt knew who jack was. god, he learned to tie fly's at the age of 10 from Ted Williams. i wanted to acknowlege Dave Skok's efforts and friendship to Jack as i know he was close and was there for jack and took care of alot for him. i didn't get to say goodbye and didn't get to see and thank dave for what he did for jack at somerset. jack will be sorely missed. my wife liked him and that say's alot as she cares less for most of my fishing friends and aquaintences. argued with him for 20 minutes once over a place called Muttontown on staten island. "there is one in Long Island - but he dated a woman from staten island in muttontown and i just backed away and enjoyed his constant insistance of it's existance here. he was a corny/crafty/goofy kind of guy and i always looked forward to hearing him speak or give a class or just pick his brain. i wasn't close to him but i knew when i was at somerset and saw he was absent (and then heard he was really sick) it dawned on me how much a part of the experience he was and subsequently will always be. i thought to put this in the striper forum as imo, there is not too many people better at striper fishing than jack. wow, i just went on there. i didn't post the particulars as tomorrow there is a service up in boston. the world was a better place with jack in it.

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