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Here in Banos I know where two game Wardens live sadly they never move their vehicles.. Unless they work at night or something??? Other anglers agree they have more then enough resources. Two weeks ago a warden hit check 12 and made a half ass attempt to check Fish lengths there was more then two migrant workers with under size striper he was just asking if they had the appropriate size on them didn't bother to do a visual inspection..

Originally Posted by stripermania8 View Post
Undersized and over limits come out of the reservoir and the forebay day and night. There is no way possible the game wardens can keep up with it. I do know the wardens are doing as good of a job as possible. I see them checking people day and night and have seen them catch guys hidding fish in the rocks or weeds. There is just too many poachers for even ten wardens to control. (I think there are only a few of them). The best way for us as legal fishermen to combat the problem is to continue to notify cal tip when we see something, keeping in mind it is not realistic to have a warden come out every time.
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