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Default Re: Surfcasting Mistakes

[quote=merrillizer;43497]#6. Carelessness while Rockhounding.

#7. Underestimating/disrespecting the power of nature.

- I agree! Never underestimate the power of nature (e.g. water or weather). I have nearly lost a friend while surf fishing in Hatteras, N.C. when he got carried out to sea in a rip current. His temperature did not even register on the coast guard's eqipment when they finally rescued him from the sea some 2 hrs and 1.5 miles out later.

-Tackle-wise, I would say to keep it simple. I have over complicated lots of rigging only to find out that I caught the same amount of fish (if not more) on simpler set-ups that cost a quarter of the $.
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