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Default Re: Poaching at the O'Neill Forebay and San Luis Reservoir

You realize it won't matter about the over fishing...BECAUSE When the stripers are extinct in the delta, then no fish being sucked in the pumps to bring all the stripers to your area....SOOO when the wells dry, then you'll have no problems at all... You can sit on your hands & hope someone solves your problem....or you can call CalTip....DFG...Keep hammering the gate guard to do something Your problem is only the fish you get is what survived the pumps, which probably don't spawn at O'neil & places south>>>Our problem is affecting the entire west coast, from oregon to monterey...It would deem you to invest a few letters of protest as to the water wars which is destroying the complete san Francisco Delta to make Resnick & a few other Argri growers down south Rich at our fisheriues expense......Jim
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