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Default Re: Poaching at the O'Neill Forebay and San Luis Reservoir

I recently started going bank fishing at the Forebay and have had varied results. So far I have only fished along the check 12 area (where the aqueduct flows into the forebay) and have yet to catch any on the reservoir side.

Consistently I have caught the most striper on chicken liver, and I have tried everything from live minnow to blood worms. On my best days out there I've caught limit within 15 minutes, but I've been skunked many times too.

I've been there a few times in the last month and there always seems to be a family with a bunch of kids who take up 50 yds of shoreline using like12 fishing poles.

Problem is that I pay $10 a trip to go, and i fish with two poles with my two pole endorsed fishing license, and I still skunk out cause I can't compete with 4 adults using 3 poles a piece! Technically, I guess they could say they're all fishing, but the kids are no where near the fishing poles. They were also keeping EVERYTHING I saw them catch. Was only a handful but from a distance only one looked even close to 18"...

On top of that they let the kids run wild and before you know it pebbles are being tossed in, then rocks, then boulders, then not even any that point I decided it was time to call it a (short) day and go home to a 6 pack.

Any ideas besides trying somewhere else?

Also what areas and what bait do you recommend for the reservoir side? I have heard that the bigger ones are over there..

Thanks for letting me vent! Looking forward to posting some catches soon.
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