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Default Stainless Steel wire (and brass)

seeing as wire plays a big part in fishing, weather it be in the form of wire line or wire for a plug, or general everyday use, working in a Hi-tech machine shop gives me an opertunity to see all these metals( and many others that most of you never have heard of) in use and being machined on a daily basis, here's a few specifications on wire taken from a machinists handbook...

Wire temper:Temper reflects a wires resistance to crimping abd bending. Spring wire,commonly called music wire has the hardest temper(it is hard to bend) Soft temper wire,also known as annealed wireis the softest(easy to bend) All other wire are expressed in the following terms: 1/8 hard,1/4 hard,1/2 hard,3/4 hard and spring temper (real hard)

302/304--The most popular choice for safty lock wire applications due to it's exellent corrosion resistance. Max temperture is 350 F Tensile strength is 75,000-355,000 psi.

303-- This alloy has sulfur added to make it eaiser to cut and form Max temp. is 800 Ftensil strength is 95,000-355,000 psi.

316/316L--More corrosion resistant than 304 SS Max temp is 400F tensil strength is 312,000 psi.

Alloy 400-- Also known as Monel 400, this corrosion resistant wire has good chemical resistance and withstands hight tempertures Max temp is 700 F Tensil strength is 70,000-85,000 psi

Alloy 600-- Also known as Inconel this corrosion resistant wire operates at an even higher temperture than Alloy 400 Max temp is 1000 F Tensil strength is 80,000-105,000 psi

Alloy 260 Brass-- The most ductile of wires it solders eaisily which eliminates the need for flux Max temp is 400 F Tensil strength is 50,000- 60,000 psi
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