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Default Re: best paint for lead jig heads?

Originally Posted by Desslok View Post
So i'm startng to make my own bucktails, and i have a bunch of unpainted lead jig heads, whats a good brand of white paint that will hold up on them well?
I"m making 1 1/2oz. - 2 1/2oz. spinnerbaits on unpainted lead bodys and frames, as well as 2oz. and 3oz, casting jigs, an easy method I use, that comes out well and is cheap is using a spray paint that adheres to metal. I buy cans from Walmart for 3.50$, spray a light coat, let it dry or get to a good tack then coat it again. let dry overnight. the bottom of the jig takes the most abuse, so you might want to put a good enamel or epoxy coat on it. jigs get lost because of how you fish them, making them is cheap! you don't necessesarily need to put a lot of work into them. If you want to see how the paint jobs come out, please feel free to take a peek at my spinner baits on my pics album. p.s. I buy my stuff from Lure Parts Just added some pics to my album, spring striper jigs!!
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