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The program is a joke. Neither myself nor my buds have been contacted. I live in Portsmouth Virginia and have been fishing for 20 years in the rivers, bay , and ocean. If the folks that regulate the fishery think things are ok they have their head buried in the sand. The last three years I have seen a dramatic decline in catches on my boat and many of my buddies boats as we'll. I remember back in the 90's and early 2000's seeing Stripers stacked up in the light line at most of our bridges on any given night. Most folks would come back with fish. I have been in the open water observing large schools of COWS rolling feeding on schools of Menhaden. I have not seen this many years. The decline is caused by run off pollution, Omega Protein raping the Menhaden, and poor management. I will guarantee that if something is not done NOW we will not have a Stripe Bass fishery for generations to come.
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