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Originally Posted by GunnySniper View Post
Jack, you got JACKED!
That lumberyard buy's it's stock from a distributor in Rhodie. They import 90% of all the AYC east of the Mississippi. Guy's from Joisey drive up here to buy from them.
Those blanks for me, would cost about $.13.
On another note, the GC on the project I'm on, misordered an unbelievable amount of AYC plank. It's mine all mine, for nadda. I'll bet it would take me a week to cut down into blanks, and I would end up with about 15,000 plug blanks.
Im from RI, if you have the info. of who this large distributor of AYC is in Rhode Island I would really appreciate it. Also, I am wondering if you would part with some of that AYC you got for a decent price. :D Lemme know.
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