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Originally Posted by brad s View Post
what kind of lead heads do you use? I know that smilin bill are very popular in new england but don't know why.

The do-it catalog says that flathead/butterbean jig heads are better than most at cutting through current to get deep with less weight so that's what i plan to fish this coming season for fluke. Oops, is it o.k. To talk about fluke on a "striper" forum? I.m.o. They sure taste a lot better.

I've made spire point, bullet nose, football jigs & a few others & like the spire point and flatheads for trolling or drifting but like the bullet nose & football better for casting because they're forward balance.

Used powder paint in the past but it was such a mess & pain in the butt to remove it after they got all banged up that i'm looking for alternatives this season. Might just try them unpainted & see if they're as productive as the painted ones as long as they have a good color bucktail & trailer etc.

When using the acrylic/epoxy paints i wonder if there's any special preparation needed beforehand?
i take all my jig heads to the local nail shop. Theres a gal there i took fishing years ago and she does a killer job with acrylic enamel. Air brush then finishes them off with a clear coat. The last batch she added some glitter. The cool thing is that she can make any color i want and with the clear coat the paint lasts alot longer. Had her do some pencil poppers too. Im sure if you brought some fish to any of the gals in the local shop, they would gladly do it for free. But im willing to pay $5 a dozen for such a killer job.
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