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Default Re: best paint for lead jig heads?

What kind of lead heads do you use? I know that smilin Bill are very popular in New England but don't know why.

The Do-It catalog says that flathead/butterbean jig heads are better than most at cutting through current to get deep with less weight so that's what I plan to fish this coming season for fluke. Oops, is it o.k. to talk about fluke on a "striper" forum? I.M.O. they sure taste a lot better.

I've made spire point, bullet nose, banana jigs & a few others & like the spire point and flatheads for trolling or drifting but like the bullet nose & banana better for casting because they're forward balance.

Used powder paint in the past but it was such a mess & pain in the butt to remove it after they got all banged up that I'm looking for alternatives this season. Might just try them unpainted & see if they're as productive as the painted ones as long as they have a good color bucktail & trailer etc.

When using the acrylic/epoxy paints I wonder if there's any special preparation needed beforehand?
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