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Default Re: Sealing Techniques?

Your sealing results are predictable.. I believe in one of your other posts, i recomended that shelac was not your best option as a sealer... but, I like that you tried something on your own.. failure is the best teacher..

the tried and tru, old way to sealing is with boiled linseed oil, cut 60/40 with mineral spirits, it's drawback, it is slow drying, and can bleed into the finish with time, also rags used to wipe or clean up must be soaked in water to prevent spontanous combustion...

New technology, has guy's that build small quantities of plugs sealing with heated 2 part epoxy, warm the plugs in a toaster oven and slather the inside and outside of the plug with warm epoxy.. let it drip dry..

for most a mixture of oil based polyurethain thinned with about 20% mineral spirits does a good job sealing plugs...

I use a proprietary mixture of Polyurethain, mineral spirits and tung oil... the the plugs are soaked in the mixture for 30 minutes, allowed to drip for about 10 minutes and then wiped clean on the outside... they are cured for priming in about 3 days in a 65 degree room..

here is a few pictures of my set up...
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