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Default Sealing Techniques?

So just back from a trip to the Jersey shore, wish I had pix of cows, but I don't. Guess you gotta take the good with the bad. Took my latest batch of topwater pencils and bottles with mixed results. Seems to be my biggest issue is sealing, had a few that were clearly taking on water as the epoxy topcoat fractured or all together cracked. I'm looking for different sealing techniques as mine clearly aren't working. The failures were all sealed with shellac, primed, painted and topcoated. I've heard suggestions of urethanes, wondering if they're referring to polyurethane? Also heard that you need to thin, as much as 50%, to allow penetration? Anyone try marine finishes for wood on boats? I'd like to hear any other options for sealing as well. Thanks for any advice.
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