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Default Re: Heroes, and Warriors...................

A year has passed and not much has really changed.
I have noticed and understand why, the war zone news coverage has somewhat disappeared from the nightly tirade it once was.
Young men still answer the call of duty and serve us proudly, protecting our freedoms in the face of enemies that would just as soon kill a bunch of kids in a day care center in downtown Manhatten.
Again I say I am proud to have known men such as these and still do know many wearing one of the uniforms of our military services. When monday comes around and the family is enjoying the first big cookout of the year, look to the skies and say a little Thank You to the guy's up there that continue to guard heavens gates from all enemies foreign and domestic.

Semper Fidelis, and God Bless our guy's in Uniform.

Even you Johansen!
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