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Default Re: The Thermocline.

I know this takes things in a different direction, but inland hybrids seem to be unaffected by the thermocline. Inland stripers, on the other hand, are considered very oxygen sensative. A few years ago--not that many--there was a large kill-off of stripers in Tennessee on, I think, Norris Lake. It was so bad that they laid long oxygen pipes through the lake so, if needed, they could pump oxygen into the water. But through it all the hybrids seem unimpressed with oxygen levels.

A couple of years ago (2004) at Brookville Lake in Indiana, I went to fish stripers and near the ramp there were two of them thrashing about, obviously in death throes. They appeared healthy, just dying. When I got to my favorite spot near the dam there were twenty or thirty of them floating. I wrote to the DNR and the official reply was oxygen depravation.
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