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Default Re: The Hows and Whats of Trolling for Stripers

I'm still out here on the west side of the map and haven't been able to retire and make a striper run out there yet. When I do retire, that's first on the list. That being said, I do troll for stripers out here and was wondering if our method would work out there. Here we don't troll in the ocean for stripers. At least no one I know. We work the delta. The Sacramento River, the Mokelumne River, and Steamboat Slough to name a few. There's many more. I like to shallow troll, 6' to 8' deep has been good to me but you have to watch the sonar all the time to follow the contour of the bottom. I will deep troll too but no deeper than 15'. I use a 9'9" Lamiglass Norwest Special rod with a Diawa line counter reel. I run 60 lb. Power Pro braded line with a 6' mono 30lb. leader. My go to lure is the Yozuri crystal minnow shallow runner with a white body and a red head. I change out the hooks with 4X hooks and attach a 6" white trick worm on the back hook. This tightens up the wobble and drives the stripers nuts. Another good pattern is the rainbow trout. I haven't had a chance to read every post here yet, I will, but so far I haven't seen anything like this method used out there. Do you guys think this would work out there? (I haven't been here for a while and looking back I see I've touched on this before so please forgive my redundancy)
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