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Default Re: 2015 Big D Fishing Reports (Post'em Here)

Fished the beaches sat. Fished the river Sunday from 8am til 7pm and did better in the surf then I did the river and I only got 2 shorts from the beach on buck tails. Meanwhile my boy is catching 30,40,50lbers today from the river from the banks. Did get 2 catfish both were cold as ice. Also had 3 nice runs (def striper runs) that I coulnt comect on. Waters ranged from 46.7-48 then did find some 50 water but there was a stranded boat with 6 guys in it so me and my 12' 2hp Honda pulled that 20' boat a lil over 2000' yards to the ramp so my fishing was done for the day. Really shocked none of the bigger boats offered to help them and was even more shocked that not one bigger boat stopped to offer to take over pulling the boat when driving past me. Smfh the times R changing on the river. But my lil tin can got it done even if it took an hour lol going against a rising tide oh well going out again in a few. Catch'em up.

Trolled, chummed bunker, clam, bloodworm, fresh salmon belly, fresh squid, fresh octopus. (The last three are benefits of the restaurant lol) only the bunker caught.
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