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Default Costa Rica Sport Fishing

July 3rd- Great full day in shore aboard the Sunny One, with Captain Walton, and first mate Christian. The conditions of the water that day were not the best and scattered rain showers the boys still manage to put up some great fights with some Rooster Fish. Totaling up with 4 Rooster Fish all over 40 pounds.

July 5th- Sunny One has an exciting day inshore. The bite was great, and there was lots of live bait around. Captain Walton made his rounds circling the bait in attempt to get the clients a fight of the lives with a Rooster or two. The day ended successfully releasing a grand total of 8 fun inshore fish, 3 Rooster Fish, 3 Skip Jacks, 1 Barracuda, and 1 Big Red Snapper for dinner.

July 7th- Killer day aboard the Sunny One fishing out of Los Suños! The weather gloomy but the bite was hot. Running out to the fishing grounds Captain Walton comes across a big school of porpoise. Hooking 5 big Tuna they decided to keep going off shore to try and hook up with some sails and possibly a Big Blue. First mate Christian brings out some fresh tuna sashimi to snack on for Lunch, when Captain Walton yells out “right rigger” coming in fast and hot a Sail Fish. The Sail fish bite was on. It was lunch time for the fish. The boys hooked and reeled in 6 sails. Captain Walton ease dropping over the radio heard some talk about Marlin. Walton knew that it would be icing on the cake for these guys if he could get them a Marlin. Walton takes off on a detour to the south, and sets up with some Marlin bait. After a good 30 minutes go by Walton is about to pick the lines and call it a day when he sees a Marlin coming in on his left teaser. The excitement was contagious. Hooking the Blue Marlin, it was almost a 40 minute fight to reel this guy in. Success story for the Sunny One and Crew indeed!
Sport Fishing With Sunny One!

July 8th- Sunny One goes off shore for another full day, in hopes of another awesome day. The water being very green but calm made it out to be an interesting day for the crew to find some action. Off to a good start releasing a big Blue Marlin makes a promising day. Soon thereafter they release 2 Sail Fish well over 100 pounds. Towards the late afternoon they come across some Tuna and reel in 2 45 and 30 pounds. The clients and crew content with their day pick up the lines and head in.

July 10th- Sunny One makes for another full day off shore. The morning was slow and gloomy in and out of rain showers. The late afternoon they experienced some more heavy rains, but managed to catch 5 large Yellow Fin Tuna. Dinner!

Stay tuned with us here on the Sunny One, there will be more Costa Rica fishing reports coming up for the next few days.
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