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Default Info on a good portable livewell for shad!!!!!!

Love the forum just joined i have read topics on here before, but i need help. If any of you are steam plant striper fisherman that lovley dream is gone, we did fish below the Jhon sevier Dam on the Holsten river in Tenn every year, now they are using gas and no hot water discharge will ever come out of that dam or any other dam Kingston and the others are done...

And to the Question we are going to go to the Fort loudon dam instead in may, and we have a 14' Sea Nymth alu boat we had a 15 gallon live well too big a 10gal would be perfect. The problem is keeping them gizzard and threadfin and jacks alive, i have researched for days and we need a good livewell one i see that might be alright is a (keepalive 10gal livewell) with a keep alive oxygenator ka460, has anyone used this or is there one better to keep them alive i am going to use aquarium salt plus some shad alive i think it is called to help and some prime made by Seachem, it gets rid of chorline,ammonia,nitrites, and nitrates. I know to much flow will kill them and their scales will kill them, that aerator has a filter to catch them. There is also a trashcan style made by it comes with a keepalive aeorator, and i could put styrofoam in it to keep good temp, or should i buy a igloo 10gal water cooler and buy a keepalive aerator i dont know what do you guys use to keep your precious shad alive thanks guys....I just want to catch them in the morning with the new super spreader cast net i just bought and then survive for the stripers help me out guys....
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