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Default Re: Problem and possible solution

Its too bad we couldnt ratchet up the production and marketing of the hybrid aquaculture industry. Once the wild striped bass has overall gamefish status, It would probably behoove the Dnr and wildlife patrol agencies to help fund the retraining and retooling of the commercials on a trial basis with funds taken from heavy poacher fines, saltwater wallup brough monies and seized equipment. This would allow the law abiding tax paying comms to stay in the aquaculture business and still provide striped bass for the table for the consumers who are demanding them without crippling the livelyhood of the comm fisherman any more than it has already.
We dont live in a perfect world but we can adapt to change once forced and I'm sure there are roadblocks but aquaculture offshore farming is getting easier and less expensive. They should be doing that with menhaden for 10 years already. Its the future for sure but its not cost effective yet.
Watch how fast it gets done if the management of the fisheries had the balls to ban the massive harvesting of these fish.

Pipe dreams.
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