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Default Re: Problem and possible solution

Originally Posted by Doublerunner View Post
No problems. We both want the same things with different ideas on how to get there. I need to learn more about the tagging type system. My initial opinion is it still comes down to the honor system...much like it is today. People will push the limits until they get caught. Not everyone. But some

I'd also like to see rec charter boats have a different classification so that all the other pleasure boat fishermen and surfcasters don't get lumped in with their numbers

The honor system (unfortunately) does not work in today's times.

charter boat's carry regular rec fisherman just like me and you, but no captn nor mate should be in. anything comm, caught for sale is the differant grouping.

Charter boats arent the problem, if you would read Striper Jims article on the Trawl boat slaying off the OBX this weekend( which you naild on the head earlier) that's what's gonna kill the fishery.
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