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Default Re: Problem and possible solution

just my thought on tagging is like big game harvest reporting, say we are given 10 fish for the season, with 3 per day limit, when you catch a fish it must be tagged and called in to reporting agency prior to, loading boat, or returning home. If not reported and vessel is boarded, you have illegal fish aboard. Commercial guy's would have to call and tag each haul to shore also. This would limit or lessen the catch, cause right now I can keep 2 per day the whole season, well if I fish 60 day's this season that's alot of fish right.
If you really pick apart what I am saying it does both things needed. 1- lessen the take per angler/charter/comm fisher. and 2- allows the precise tracking of what/where/and how many are being taken.

Hey I came up with this idea, I realize this fishery will have a problem if no action taken, I may e-mail marine fisheries in my area and see if I start a fire or not. I want my kids to be able to enjoy this as I do.

when I say my freezer is full, I may catch 10 fish for the season, I cathc an release, 30-35''fish get eaten, and I pic and throuw back bigger ones to out do my trophy, and only keep a breeder if it's a citation igger than b-4..
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