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Default Re: Problem and possible solution

Night Crawler I did not want to start a fight either. I think it's the way I interpretted your statements just as they way you interpretted mine was off in some ways.

#1. I hate to take away a guys living but's let's also realize that many people catching commercially do it part's not their main livelihood.

#2. I believe we all need to cut back. Rec's, comm's and charters. If we all take a little less then it helps to sustain the stock. I also believe in a slot size limit. No more than 1 fish per day for a rec with a max of 3 per week. No one eats more than 3 stripers per week

#3. If you are a charter boat then only the paying customers get to keep 1 fish each. No need for the captain and 1st mate to keep any

#4. If you fish commercially and also take out charters then no keeping any fish from a charter to sell commercially

I do not like that you feel the need to keep a freezer full of striper year round. That is overboard in my opinion. To each his own and far be it from me to judge but I don't like it.

Right now the tags are a joke. It allows anglers to keep 3 fish instead of 2. Plus who says you would tag every fish you keep. If we are talking about tags as the only fish you can keep and you can somehow enforce this then it may be an option but not if it is in addition to your regular catch.

Anyways, getting off my soapbox I think the most reasonable thing to do is for all sectors to take less. If everyone is not willing to do that then I am in favor of the gamefish bill. I'd rather see the stock abundant than going downhill. And it needs to be available for surfcasters as well as boaters

Yes education is needed. Should be part of the licensing system. But many know exactly what they are doing and know the penalties IF they get caught are nowhere near the reward they get for poaching. Penalties definitely need to be stricter and repeat offenders need to be taken off the water permanently plus some other hefty fines/penalties
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