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Default Re: Problem and possible solution

Originally Posted by Night Crawler
I read a thread a few day's ago and I can't find it. Anyhow it was about limiting striper caught to 1, slot limit, or other choice. What I gathered is that some are in fear the fish is being overfished. Well I see a solution for Sport and Commercial fisherman, I just don't know if some states do it already or not. I would like to see tags issued per person for x amount of fish, just like big game hunting, and if you wanna catch them all at 1 time so be it.
The original thread is in the striper room. NC.
New Jersey has a bonus tag program but you must apply for it - anglers can harvest two fish at 28 inches or greater per day. With a bonus permit, anglers can keep a third striper at 28 inches or greater. One per day, no carryovers.
In New York on a head boat you can have 2 a day over 28' but if your just an ordinary fisherman its one over 28" and one over 40"
I would like to see tags issued per person for x amount of fish, just like big game hunting
Thats actually not a bad idea - limit of 20 fish per season. Instead of 2 or three a day.
In my opinion the party boats - head boats / present a dilemma. They harvest sometimes as many as 80 fish per trip with a fare of 40 anglers and believe me every fish that comes over the rails gets filletted. Some companies have 5 or 6 boats with 2 trips per day per season. Do the math.
People paying 70 bucks per trip want their two fish to take home. With the smaller charters its not nearly as much of a slaughter, generally its 3 or 4 people per trip and many encourage catch and release but there are literally thousands of licenses bought for the privaledge.
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