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Default Re: Problem and possible solution

NO,No, don't put words in my mouth or misconscrew what I said. I said cutting back doesn't neccesarily answer the problem. The Fishery could very well handle the pressure, but we have no way of knowing cause of deadloss from comm fishing and other non reporting factors.

I also just said criminals don't read the laws b-4 they break them, which would mean enforcement to catch them not just letting them go. Another way you put words in my mouth.

I am not trying to start an arguement with you, I only wanted to get some thought's and you can't be one way and hammer down on the commercial fishing. People make a living whether it be Charter, Seine, or Trawl. Do you not eat shrimp,Lobster,Crabs and other commercially caught fish? You are looking at this biasly as a rec angler

I agree with the Trawlboats being the biggest issue, When I comm. fish for stripers it's beach seine or drop net, with a 10 limit. and it very rarely pay's out.

And just so you know, I usually keep and eat every fish I catch, I love them, my freezer gets filled in season and I eat it year round, same with Deer, I shoot every doe I can legally take, and so does everyone else I know. there are more whitetails now then there ever was.

The fisher has to be in check fish and food for the fish, to many fish not enough food = unhealthy fish, that's no good either. And right now they have no idea the amount of fish being taken or killed off.
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