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Default Re: Problem and possible solution

unfortunately DoubleRunner thats not a solution to our problem. They need to be able to tell how much fish is being taken -vs- what the breed / growth rate. Dropping the limit still doesnt answer the problem, and 2 per angler may be what is needed to keep the eco system in check. If there are 2 many Rock, they eat up all the bait/crabs and whatever else, so they have to keep the population in check. I personally have never seen a charter boat take more than 2 trips a day, and usually the ones that do 2 trips don't all limit out. You can't be against the commercial fishing, they just need to set rules, so we don't have dead loss. I am serious I saw a boat drag had 200 fish and threw 150 back 50% OF that is dead/drowned fish. And it's not the boat's fault that's how the fishery tells them to operate 50 a day. It should be you buy a slot for 250 fish and you can catch em in 1 tow, then there done limited out season closed.

And your statement about making the penalty's more stringent upon poacher's, ponder on this, how many people b-4 they do something illegal, actually look up and see what the consequences were prior to doing the crime? Yeah they should be tighter but it's not going to stop them.
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