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Default Re: Problem and possible solution

We definitely have to do something. I am of the opinion we need to cut back on both sides. I strictly fish from shore and I keep one fish per year (yes per year). There is no need to keep 2 a day, every day.

Charter boats are a huge problem. Going out 2-3 times a day with 6 or more anglers and keeping 2 per angler plus 1st mate and captain. Change this to one per angler and don't include the captain and 1st mate. All recs should be one per day, max 3 per week...whichever is less....that's plenty for any one.

I'd like to see a slot size so we can let the breeders live on.

Trawling for anything should be banned. Besides all the waste they turn the ocean floor into a barren desert.

Commercials need to cut back and should not be allowed to "double dip". Meaning taking out a charter and keeping the meat to then sell later

If we all cut back a little now then the stock will replenish. Otherwise we are headed for another moratorium which will benefit no one

Poachers need to be punished more severely to keep people from even thinking about's too easy
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