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Default Problem and possible solution

I read a thread a few day's ago and I can't find it. Anyhow it was about limiting striper caught to 1, slot limit, or other choice. What I gathered is that some are in fear the fish is being overfished. Well I see a solution for Sport and Commercial fisherman, I just don't know if some states do it already or not. I would like to see tags issued per person for x amount of fish, just like big game hunting, and iff you wanna catch them all at 1 time so be it. Same with the commercial side, I watched a trawl boat drag all day, they can keep 50 a day, here, he had 150 on the boat, and had to throw them back and yes most were dead, and it happens day after day, had that boad just had a quota of say 250 fish for the season there would not be dead loss daily like this, and he would make more money. I fish both sport and commercially so I see both sides. This would be a great way to keep tabs on how many fish are harvested each year and with little to no dead loss.

Any thoughts?
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