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Default Re: Striped Bass Commercial harvest increase?

Originally Posted by dreadk
No body does anything about it... But give me a break on the critisim of President Obama's administration and all this sissy "the socialist sky is falling on us" nonsense.
It was the conservative wing of the Supreme Court that formalized our reality....didn't they recently rule that corporations essientilly have the rights of individuals under the constitution....stop drinking the rightwingnut kool-aid and spitting it on the rest of us
Yea I thought this thread was about a proposal to increase the commercial harvest and not on the Conservative Supreme Court that is collectively about a thousand years old.
The Supreme court recognized that corporations were considered persons for purposes of the 14th ammendment in 1886. Probably some of the sitting justices were part of that ruling.
Cynical towards a politician, or a political party? Never.
- Your self righteous scolding of us is laughable because you did the exact same thing here, and in the process perpetuated what your attempting to stop.
"It's not about cynically blaming one politician or one political party".
Its pretty funny actually - "rightwingnut Kool-aid drinkers" need a better understanding of how a democracy works. -
Corporate America surely has a more effective voice than Citizen America - Money talks, B-S walks. What would you have us do about the huge corporations Mr. Dread? Close them down?
Take all their holdings? Or simply continue to allow them to employ the free world.
What your trying to articulate - and I'm taking a wild guess here - is at Campaign finance reform and lobbyists.
Google - 'Corporate personhood debate' and learn something instead of spewing rhetoric from Al Gores ahole. Didn't he invent the internet?
Obama is just as much of a hypocrite as the rest of them, maybe even more so.
Not saying that funding the U.S. Fish and Wildlife is a bad thing but maybe it makes them nudge closer to voting for the left wing greening agenda. Which by the way is also big!!! business.
I'm guessing your a philosophy major who tells his kids there really is no Santa Claus because it's never ok to lie.

"Just the facts, ma'am"

Department of the Interior received $3 billion, of which $280
million is for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service)
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