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Default Boat update


Drove to wildwood NJ about 3 1/2 hour drive to meet the surveyor. 28 bucks a foot. Worth every dime. Also paid for a sea trial. (Owner wouldnt pay customary half) Engine remarkably quiet and solid Yamaha 200 4 stroke. 6000 RPMs and 39 MPH cruising in the bay.

Boat had issues. Loose wires No horn. Cabin throttle not connected to engine nor compatable. Trailer rollers off line. Most fixable cept 1. Transom had small cracks and was hollow in areas. Obviously had been worked on. Parts of it sound traveled right through it. a 600 pound engine bouncing on the trailer and bam. I visualized it at the bottom of the drink, an $11000 motor. Needs a whole new rebuilt transom. Deal killer. walked away with my $5000 deposit and several hundred poorer but happy to know I didnt purchase a piece of chit. dissappointed but I want to turn the key and fish not wait till the dam things worked on. Ok plan B. runabout fot this season Next year or following year I get a better boat. :roll:

Thanks to T- bone Alvarez for the advice and happy birhday. Just have to book a trip aboard his "platinos" :P saltshaker.
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