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Default The South carolina striped bass a unique story

The current ASMFC-endorsed size limits for the coastal fishery that focus on large, mature fish could be altering the long-term ability of striped bass to grow to their historical size and reproductive potential.
Harvesting the wrong fish
Studies done in the early 1990's that support releasing the larger females.

Depending in the size of the female, one female can lay from 14,000 (3 pounder)-3,000,000 eggs (10 pounder). A thirty-pound female is capable of producing as many as five million eggs. In a fast moving current, the eggs hatch out at a considerable distance downstream from the spawning place. At the time of hatching, the tiny transparent fish, less than an inch long emerges with a heavy yolk sac attached. It derives nourishment from this sac. The fry at this stage is at the mercy of the water currents. Within four to five days, the yolk sac is absorbed and the fry begins to swim and feed on small crustaceans (Scruggs, George. The Rockfish Puzzle-Are They Landlocked? South Carolina Wildlife. Summer, 1954. Pages 4-5.).
The research was done in 1964 by scruggs.

Now this research here seems to support (Page 10) 4- 5 and 6 year old YOY sexual maturity. This was done in the Roanoke on the atlantic strain.
age class and egg production done in 1993
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