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Default My Friend is buying a boat & driving me crazy

O.K. guys, I need some suggestions........

I have a dear lifelong friend who is considering buying his first boat. To give you some background. I have been in boating for about 15 years. During that period of time I have had numerous boats starting with a Bayliner, Imperial, Grady White to now a SaltShaker BlackFin.

This friend (who shall remain nameless for now) has NO knowledge of boats, but is determined to buy one. That part is o.k. we all have to start somewhere. The problem is he can't make up his mind on what he wants and is driving me crazy! The other day he calls me and says"you have to go to wildwood to see a boat". I point out to him i live in staten island and that will be a 8 hour day, not to mention I have to work. I decide to look at the boat and inform him he is paying around $8,000 too much!. So I call the dealer and offer $8,000 less. They say they will get back to me. Of course they call him and tell him someone else is intrested in the boat. What does he do (he was there when I made the phone call) HE SAYS WAIT! I MIGHT STILL BE INTRESTED! He bid against himself! O.K. here is where I need your opinion. Should I ........
a/ tell him to go f*%k himself
b/ talk him into buying a boat too expensive so he will go broke and leave me alone
c/ pick out a boat that will sink thus make the world a better place

please pick a letter.....thanks
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