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Default PG rated - Chop War

Edit: some of the more tame chops from the old blue room chop war


1. There's a strange smell in the air. What do you check first

A. The fridge
B. The news
C. The dog
D. Yourself

2. What does this shape remind you of?

A. A bad night out
B. A hairy, sweaty back
C. Your dental xray
D. Your highschool girlfriend

If you answered D to both of these questions your
last name is Landgraf.
Heres your Personality type for D.
You dont have very many friends. You work in an environment condusive for weirdos and violence. You enjoy being stubborn as a mule. All isnt lost because that doesnt mean you have to smell like one. Really. Your karma wont be disturbed by some soap and water. Give it a try.
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