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Default Re: bait shops at lake cumberland

It is unlikely that you will find any baitshop around the lake to sell you shad this time of yr. You will have to net your own. The bait shops will sell you shiners. Many will tell you the stripers hit them pretty well. I have never been able to catch a striper on shiners. Whenever I use shad I catch stripers, when I use shiners I don't catch any. Just my experience.

To catch the shad, you need to throw cast nets near lights at night. Try to get the Alewives. If you cannot catch them, go to the back of the creeks during the day and throw for the gizzard shad. Also, don't use the threadfin. They will die to easy. They are more of a pain to try to use than they are worth.

If you do not catch any shad, then pull bucktail jigs and/or U-rigs.

Good luck!!!!
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