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I've noticed this one the lake, too, Daveo76. The fish seem to fucus on one thing, and what works today may be useless tomorrow. If you angle with lures on the lakes, you pretty much have to try everything you know usually works, and if it doesn't work, start picking through the stuff in your tacklebox. Sometimes it's silver spoons, sometimes slabs, other times plastics. There's really no way of knowing. On the lake, though, pretty much all they eat is shad, but they don't always bite on things that look like shad. One afternoon I had a great time fishing with large tiger-colored Thundersticks. They couldn't have looked like any shad they had ever seen. And oddly enough, I've never had a wiper take a Rapala J5 shad lure. I think Shaane's right; they're a tough species to nail down with any regularity.
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