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Default Re: Where do all the wipers go??

Wow, they must be tough to catch from a lake. Fortunately I have the Ohio River to fish for the Wipers. Temp is 83 right now, best times are very early AM(before 8) and late evening to just after dark. Between those times this time of the year ,they are hard to catch. The river doesn't get much deeper than about 30 ft around here but they stay close because of the hydro-electric facility and a constant bait supply. They can be zeroed in on one bait in particular that they are chasing and won't hit anything else. Today they were after Shiners , so the 3" Sluggo worked. Tomorrow it may be Lures as big as Pencil Poppers or a 6" Swimbait. It's taken a long time to "learn" the river . I just don't fish for them in lakes but maybe something here may help you. Liver does work here too, as well as Shad guts. Cut shad ,Skipjack ,Mooneyes and Shrimp.
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